New Quiksilver and Roxy Watches for Today’s Yuppies and Trendsetters


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Giving modern-day city professionals more versatile choices, Roxy and Quiksilver’s new collections introduce timepieces that represent a casual lifestyle for youthful-minded people with a passion for a board riding culture and heritage.





 Watches for Today’s Yuppies



 From the shores of the Great Ocean Road in Australia and Huntington Beach in California, all things Quiksilver and Roxy are imagined under the sun and born for the waters. As the Spring/Summer 2012 lines of both brands encapsulate the wide expanse of surf culture right around your wrists, each time piece is made to fit perfectly as you ride the crest of waves, sprawl by the beach or just wish to carry a whiff of the oceans wherever you are.




Quiksilver Speed Way 2Quiksilver Speed Way


  Ready, set, go! With Ana-digit movement, a plastic case and a polyurethane strap, Speedway fuses multiple functions such as a chronograph with lap operation, an hourly chime, a built-in calendar, as well as temperature accuracy as you race through your days in or out of the waters.




Quiksilver Speed Way 2


 The features of this watch could cause such an ignition that it takes your every activity to far-reaching distances and beyond. With a digital module, a plastic case with stainless steel cover, a polyurethane strap, an alarm function with buzzer signal output, a second time zone option, an hourly chime and so much more, Octane provides a gust of spark to accompany you through activities that fuel your fire.




Quiksilver Aero


 Want all the valuable functions of a surfing timepiece but none of the bulky tactile features? Take a walk on the lighter side with Aero. Made sleek with Japanese analog movement, a plastic case and polyurethane strap, this watch ensures accurate time-keeping as breezy as a breath of fresh air—that is truly clean, classic, Quiksilver.




Quiksilver Pulse 2Quiksilver Pulse


If you’re one to speed up to the exhilarating beat of things you enjoy, then you have to tell time with Pulse! This watch has so many features, like a wide digital module, a plastic case with stainless steel cover, a polyurethane strap and electro-luminescent light. You’ll feel a rhythmic expansion every time you slide it on your wrist, as you get on that board and crash into the sea.




Roxy Jam PurpleRoxy Jam S Photo 3

Roxy Jam (3)Roxy Jam White Apple Green


A modern analog watch that comes in a multitude of fun new colors, Roxy Jam and Roxy Jam S are wrist candies perfect for those seeking ways to flaunt their quirky personality while keeping track of time. Featuring a stainless steel case and a polycarbonate case, these babies are water-resistant up to 100 feet.








So of course I had to get me one of these wristcessories. I found the simplicity and functionality of the Quiksilver Octane hard to resist! It was a perfect fit for my lifestyle that’s a mix of laid back fun, and taking care of business!




Vince Quiksilver Watch Octane

How about you? What’s your Quiksilver Watch or Roxy Watch of choice?






 New Quiksilver and Roxy Watches for Today’s Yuppies and Trendsetters

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