Our 6 New Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie Shops For 2022

There truly is nothing like a warm and comforting chocolate chip cookie. Despite the many other fancier desserts out there, we always come back to this classic treat to satisfy our sweet tooth. It’s no wonder why so many local cookie shops are sprouting up online to give Filipinos their unique spins on the simple recipe! Ahead, we’ve listed down a few of our favorite cookie stores we discovered this year that you should check out too.

The Baron Kitchen

chocolate chip cookies baron kitchen

The Baron Kitchen is a pandemic baby that was created by siblings who all consider cooking and baking to be second nature, coming from a family who’s involved in the food industry. Their Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookies are made with brown butter cookie dough, which gives off a toffee-like flavor that complements the deep and complex tones of the Philippine-made dark chocolate chunks it envelops, and topped with flaky salt. Unlike most, these cookies have a subtle crispy exterior and are thin enough to allow you to enjoy them without feeling bloated afterward. Truly a guilt-free treat!

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Harvey’s Studio

chocolate chip cookies harveys studio

A business built during the pandemic, Harvey’s Studio was born from a mother and son’s love for baking together as a form of bonding. Here, you’ll find gigantic 100-gram cookies all made with premium ingredients. A crowd favorite is their classic Chocolate Chip cookie “Holy Chip!” created with brown butter cookie dough and a generous handful of dark chocolate chips that make it such a gooey and chunky delight.

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Bean’s Bakes

chocolate chip cookies beans bakes

Bean’s Bakes was established by two sisters, one taking medical school and one taking Accountancy, who wanted to share their love for food and pursue something different from their usual school routine. Their Bean’s OG chocolate chip cookie is made with brown butter batter mixed with milk and dark chocolate chips and topped with flaky sea salt—promising a unique experience to those who love to go for the classic.

Their menu features other unique cookie flavors that you should try too, namely the Trainwreck, which is a medley of salty pretzels, potato chips, and dark chocolate topped with sweet caramel, the Hot Mess, a s’mores cookie with gooey marshmallow and graham crumble, and Nuts About You, which is malted milk, milk chocolate, and toasted hazelnuts all mixed into one. For the extreme cookie lovers, you can also request custom cookie cakes!

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By Sunrise

chocolate chip cookies by sunrise

By Sunrise was founded by Chalina Redulla back in 2020 when the pandemic started with the help of her sister Bianca and her cousin Claudine, whom she considers co-owners of the business. Chaline shares that she started By Sunrise after being challenged by her father to create a cookie that could be enjoyed by someone who’s sensitive to sweet-tasting things. Thus, her muscovado cookies were born!

By Sunrise’s chocolate chip cookies stand out for using muscovado sugar that gives the cookies that slightly nuttier and deeper taste. All their ingredients are also locally-sourced. Other must-tries are their sourdough focaccia loaves, their Breakfast Cookie which is made with oats, and their Triple Chocolate Cookie.

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Cookie Dude

chocolate chip cookies cookie dude ph

Cookie Dude is a Las Piñas-based bakery that specializes in simple yet comforting half-baked cookies. Having been accepted as one of the SM Startup Program participants, Cookie Dude has been setting up shop in SM Southmall’s Startup Market since February this year, up until the end of October.

“We pride ourselves to have a unique “toasty-on-the-outside, gooey-on-the-inside” cookie experience while being affordable. We do this by using quality ingredients while baking smaller batches, with love,” said owner Martin Jordana.

You’ll definitely fall in love with the Cookie Dude’s original chocolate chip cookies that feature a mix of milk and dark chocolate, and which are super soft when you bite into them, allowing the sweet flavors to just melt in your mouth.

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Baker’s Flight

chocolate chip cookies bakers flight

Baker’s Flight is a family business owned by Grace Florentino Mendoza, a former flight attendant, who puts her own spin on her family’s recipes that date way back to the 60s. Grace used to share her baked goods with friends, relatives, and colleagues around the globe before, during, and after her flights, and having been affected by the pandemic only opened up a whole new world for her to share her creations with more people.

What makes Baker’s Flight unique compared to other local cookie stores is that they offer semi-keto and genuine-keto chocolate chip cookies that Grace guarantees are “better than regular cookies!”

“They can be eaten guilt-free due to their low sugar and healthy ingredients, without the compromise in quality and sweetness,” she added.

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What’s your favorite newly-discovered cookie shop? Share them in the comments below!

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