Never Have I Ever: A Multimedia Art Exhibit

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A collective of 8 Multimedia Arts students from Asia Pacific College will be holding an Art exhibition entitled “Never Have I Ever” on the dates of September 6, 7 & 8, 2018 at GSIS Museo ng sining, GSIS Main Office, Financial Center (CCP Complex-D.Macapagal Avenue) Pasay City.

Never Have I Ever is a multimedia art exhibit that aims to create various artworks that reveal secrets and experiences presented as a “Never Have I Ever” guessing game. Each artist will create 2 (or more) artworks, one artwork from their own “Never Have I Ever” experience and one from the experience of their anonymous contributor that he/she has chosen. The aim of the exhibit is to create artworks that will showcase topics reinterpreted in the art form in which the audience will be able to relate to.  As the artworks are presented as a guessing game, the audience can guess which of the artworks depicts the secret and experience of the artist themselves. Exhibitors will then refrain from explaining their artworks to the general audience, with the exception of professors, curators and a selected number of adults and friends. Since each artist will create one artwork from his/her own secret and one from the secrets of the contributor themselves, each experience depicted in the artworks will then have to be anonymous. It is then up to the audience to come up with their own interpretation of the subject presented in the artwork.

PERSONA consists of 8 students from Asia Pacific College with ideal skills in art and design. These individuals have collaborated in order to reveal specific types of art forms that carries an emotional grasp towards secrets that are to be showcased based on the guessing game “Never have I ever.” The name PERSONA is derived from Latin which is represented and referred to a mask. Therefore, the name is applied to the group since the main gist is to reveal secrets in the form of art through anonymity hence why the name PERSONA is picked by the group.

Persona holds individual artists that will be showcasing the topics of Gender, Fear, Beliefs, Pride, Facade, Virginity, Unrequitedness, & Embarrassing moments. Each topic will be handled by its own respective artist, with Justine Pallado, Joshua Eyzekiel Catillon and Wynne Mendoza showcasing their artworks through installation art, Kim Zehra Mallo through 3D/CGI Virtual Reality, Shy Fajilagutan through mixed media, Jasper Exequiel & Joshua Francisco through Photography, and Joshua Alexander I. Oliveros through 3D/CGI Sculpture.

Opening night will be on September 6, 2018, 4pm – 10pm. Running days of the exhibit will be until September 8. Admission is free of charge. To know more about Persona and their Multimedia art exhibition; Never Have I Ever, you may like their facebook page at