Netizens Post Their Experience on the EDSA Holiday Non-Stop Bus Service

The government implemented a Holiday non-stop bus service that started last December 5 and will last until January 6 to encourage private car owners to leave their vehicles at home in an effort to decongest Edsa during the Yuletide Season.

In this regard, we stumbled upon two netizens who detailed their experiences on the Holiday non-stop bus service, commending said implementation.

Mikki Fudolig posted about her experience along with the following photos:

Holiday non-stop bus service 1 Holiday non-stop bus service 2 Holiday non-stop bus service 3 Holiday non-stop bus service 4

Another netizen, Margarita Castillo Tabag also detailed her positive experience on Facebook.

Holiday non-stop bus service 5

However, other netizens commented NOT to “always count on it” and to “wait ’till you experience the heavy volume of commuters and vehicles flying in our busy streets,” in the end, adding to “enjoy your selective treat to our roads… enjoy it while it last…”

Have you tried the Holiday non-stop bus service? How was your experience? Do you think this can help alleviate the traffic problem in Metro Manila?