Netizens Blame Maria Ozawa For Mariel Rodriguez’s Miscarriage

Netizens Blame Maria Ozawa For Mariel Rodriguez's Miscarriage


Days after Japanese actress Maria Ozawa called Robin Padilla ‘unprofessional’ for backing out of their Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) entry Nilalang ten days before shooting, Padilla’s wife Mariel Rodriguez suffered a miscarriage and lost her triplets. Because of this, netizens have bombarded Ozawa’s Instagram page, saying it is her fault.

One user said:


Robin and his wife lost their unborn children! Is that unprofessional too? Are you happy now?


Another said:


I just wish you are happy now! You got what you wanted! You are all over the news! You are famous now Maria!! But your conscience will forever haunt you because you killed three innocent babies just because of your selfish reasons! You are the reason of the miscarriage! Famewhore!


But other netizens are defending the actres. One user said:


How many people will work on a single film? How many families will have to find another source of income in order for them to survive. Ms. Maria is speaking for herself and the crew. I am just a fan of Robin, Maria, and Mariel.


Maria also responded to the negative comments, saying:


Blaming me for the miscarriage is wrong. Why do you sound like as if I wanted that to happen? You’re such a crazy person… and cold-hearted.


What do you think? Is it Ozawa’s fault that Rodriguez had a miscarriage? Sound off in the comments below!