Netizen Asks For Internet’s Help in Looking for Missing Parents

Netizen Asks For Internet's Help in Looking for Missing Parents


The power of social media is undeniable and it can do amazing things, like help find missing people. A few months ago, a boy missing for over a year was found after his mother posted a status message on Facebook. Now, maybe the same could happen to Siege J. Richters’ parents, who have been missing for almost a month.

According to Siege on Facebook:


Our parents, Eleuterio N. Bayot (58) and Ma. Victoria B. Bayot (55), have gone missing at around 12nn,today, September 1, 2015. They were last seen headed to our prpropertyn Tagaytay (on the way to Talisay) to meet with a potential buyer. They are believed to have been abducted. I urge everyone, who may know them or may know someone who may be working in hospitals near the Tagaytay, Silang, Talisay and Tanauan areas to be on the look out for them. Contact me or any of my family members if you have any leads or news. Please share this photo to your friends and relative. We need your help. We need your prayers. Contact me or my brother Timothy John Bayot here on FB for any leads.


According to authorities, the couple’s vehicle was found outside their property, with gunshots and traces of blood. Tagaytay police say it’s unclear whether the motive was robbery since the couple’s belongings were still in the car.

The family is open to receiving leads. If you have any, you may call the hotline at 09153504960.


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