Netflix comedy special depicting Jesus as gay has the internet really, really mad

The First Temptation of Christ

Netflix recently put up a Brazillian Christmas comedy special titled The First Temptation of Christ and the internet lit up with anger. Why? In this parody, not only is Jesus depicted as gay, Mary smokes weed, and God himself wants to get it on with Mary, among other things that netizens have found offensive.

Many people were offended by the choice to portray Jesus as a homosexual while others didn’t mind it so much but still didn’t appreciate how the special loosely depicted Jesus’ life and openly satirized it.

Because of this, many people turned to social media to express their distaste and anger. They were deeply offended by the film, even going as far as severing their subscription to Netflix.

People have even gone as far as signing petitions to take down the film.

Porta dos Fundos, the Youtube comedy group behind the film, said in a statement, “Porta dos Fundos values artistic freedom and humor through satire on the most diverse cultural themes of our society and believes that freedom of expression is an essential construction for a democratic country.”

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