It’s Official: A ‘Neopets’ Animated Series is Coming! Here’s What To Expect

Who can forget one of the iconic internet games of our childhood, Neopets? From all the fun mini-games to collecting all our favorite characters, Neopets gave so much color to our years growing up until we eventually grew out of it.

Now, it’s making a comeback as an animated television series!

Canadian broadcasting company Blue Ant Media has reportedly earned exclusive rights to create a TV series centered around Neopets under its Singapore-based production company Beach House Pictures.

“Beach House Pictures is developing new characters and stories, tapping into the Blue Ant Studios animation team in Canada, to expand the storytelling and bring added dimension to the Neopets kid- and family-friendly brand,” the company said in a press release.

Details about the show end there so we’ll have to wait a while to find out what it will be about, when it’ll premiere, and on which online streaming platform (if it will be streamed online, that is).

For now, all us 90s kids will just reminisce on our days playing the game (and spend the next few hours trying to recover our accounts.)

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