Need Check-up and Labtests but Afraid to leave your home? Here’s an App to help you!

Times are getting scary and we don’t want to risk getting sick but of course, there are things that we need to buy or do to make sure we are in great health condition like getting checked, getting lab tests done and getting medicines or vitamins. But how do we do all that if we don’t want to go out?

AIDE is an app known for nursing care for babies and elderly, some dubbed it as grab for nurses, caregivers, and midwives but it’s so much more than that.


With AIDE, you can book a doctor’s appointment. You can pick a professional that best suits your needs. In our experience, we booked a Geriatrician from the offers from Family Doctors and General Medicine. I booked for a doctor for my 86year old grandfather who can no longer walk on his own. A home visit from a doctor is the best option we had. He came promptly and checked everything that needs to be checked. He then asked for laboratory tests so he can further see my grandfather’s condition.


The Laboratory Tests we booked are also through AIDE. They have lab test packages that you can book and a Medtech can visit your home. After a few hours, you can see the results in the App.


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After we received the lab test results, we just forwarded it to the doctor and everything went smoothly.

Now I am afraid to go out because of COVID-19, especially knowing that the virus is more fatal to the elderly and I don’t want to bring that to my grandfather. So when he needed medicine and vitamins, I also ordered via AIDE and it was delivered right to our doorstep.

With the advice of the DOH and WHO, social distancing is important and with this app, you can follow that safety guideline but still attend to your medical needs.

Your medical needs now just click away, download the AIDE app for free on the google play store or app store.