National Geographic Exclusive Premiere of “Inside Malacañang” and meeting President Noynoy Aquino


JRR_6192 - Malacanang Palace


When In Manila, who knew that sharing my crazy stories about eating, cliff diving, drinking and partying would eventually turn into an online magazine that gets invited to the most exclusive events?! And who would’ve thought that I would ever get invited to Malacañang Palace itself, to meet the Philippine President, Benigno Aquino III, also known by many as “”Noynoy”



Photo with President Noynoy Aquino by Erwin Nolido



P-Noy’s Speech during the Premier Screening of “Inside Malacañang,” 28 Feb 2012



It was really something to meet the President of the Philippines! He was actually quite impressive with his speech. Furthermore, he stayed to chat and mingle with many of the guests after the screening and was actually very approachable. Hopefully, his charisma and ability to communicate to the people will translate into a much better run country clear of the illegalities and corruption that has plagued it for so long.



ABR_0607 - Malacanang Palace



Get an exclusive look Inside Malacañang with the National Geographic Channel NGC


It was once dubbed as a “foremost home” by Spanish governor generals. The Americans made it a social hub for the country’s elite while the Japanese transformed it into a garrison.


Yet after all these changes, Malacañan Palace still stands proudly by the Pasig River today. One would wonder what is now inside the cordoned-off areas of the palace.



JRR_6351 - Malacanang PalaceJRR_2442 - Presidential Helicopter



On March 18, at 9pm catch the premiere of the original documentary Inside Malacañang as National Geographic Channel (NGC) takes you to an exclusive guided tour inside the official residence of the country’s chief executive.



ABR_2625 Kawit CaviteJRR_4702 - Quirino Grand Stand



This exclusive feature, which took one and a half years to produce, delves into chambers of the palace that were previously off-limits to the media and the public.



ABR_2282 - PSG



Inside Malacañang also examines and breaks long-held myths and beliefs about the President’s entourage. Get to know the everyday routines of the Presidential Security



ABR_2163 - PSGABR_2167 - PSG



Group commander, the close-in security aide of President Benigno S. Aquino III, the presidential photographer, and even the presidential food tester.



JRR_5887 - Jaime Caster CastroJRR_9669 - Colonel Ramon Dizon


ABR_1896 - Lito AfricanoABR_4359 - General Bodet HonradoABR_0591 - Manolo Quezon III


“NGC has been aiming to feature more relevant programs to the Filipino audience. With Inside Malacañang we hope more Filipinos would appreciate the office of the President and the people who help run it everyday,” said Jude Turcuato, Fox International Channels vice president and territory head for Philippines.


JRR_0010 - PSGABR_1979 - Jay Morales



“Through this documentary that was proudly made by a Filipino production team, Marnie Manicad Productions International, in the hallmark standards of the NGC, we also wanted to show the world-class talent of Filipinos in producing long-form documentaries.”


What I liked most about the Inside Malacañang Documentary was how they followed around four people who work there everyday. It really made the film seem more personal and allowed us to relate to regular citizens who have the honor of serving with the President. Here below is a picture of me and other bloggers with the Official Inside Malacañang food taster: Jaime Castro also known as Caster the Taster.



Vince-Golangco-Filipino-President-Noynoy-Noy-Aquino-Philippine-WhenInManila with Presidential Food Taster: Caster the Taster



The Inside Malacañang production team is composed of director, producer and head writer Marnie Manicad, writer Cris Lim and narrator Joonee Gamboa.


Thank you to Agatep Associates for the invite and for putting together such a wonderful event! –


When In Manila, be sure to catch this Filipino made documentary on the National Geographic Channel. Premiere is on March 18, Sunday at 9m on NatGeo.



Inside Malacañang Documentary trailer from NatGeo National Geographic: Meeting President Benigno Aquino III


National Geographic Exclusive Premiere of “Inside Malacanang” and meeting President Noynoy Aquino

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