Nap Comfortably Anytime and Anywhere with this Universal Nap Pillow

Words by Leika Golez
Photos by Nadine Bufi

Naps are undoubtedly delightful. You know, those quick naps after having a carbohydrate-rich lunch that made you feel sleepy, or that much-needed power nap after puling an all-nighter whether from work or going out with friends.

However, with our busy schedules, we (unfortunately) can’t just nap in the comfort of our own homes whenever we feel that drowsiness. Fortunately, we found the best nap aid to make you feel comfortably at home during your power naps, even when you aren’t.

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Body Koala’s Universal Nap Pillow is the solution to all our napping problems. With this pillow, you can nap comfortably anytime, anywhere. Its outer sleeve is made up of 82% cotton, so it’s totally breathable. Even during the most humid afternoons, you can sleep knowing that you won’t wake up with a sweaty neck. Also, you can choose between two sleek colors: space gray or cobalt blue.

As for the foam, it’s actually designed to adjust to your natural shape. So with this ergonomic memory foam, you can say goodbye to awkwardly painful stiff necks after napping while seated. Of course, it’s very portable too. You can just fold the pillow and keep it in a small travel pouch that comes for free with your order of Body Koala Universal Nap Pillow.

Another bonus is that it’s very easy to take care of. The cover can be washed by hand or by machine, as long as it’s not dry cleaned. Just make sure that the water doesn’t exceed 50℃! And when you dry it, try to keep it away from direct sunlight. Don’t wash the memory foam though! You just have to wipe it down and store it in a dry but airy area.


So really, napping can’t ever go wrong with this pillow. Relieve your grogginess regardless of what time it is and where you are. It’s perfect for any situation, from long traffic drives, exhausting hell weeks, to beach trips, and airplane flights.

With Body Koala’s Universal Nap Pillow, on-the-go relaxation has never been easier.

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