Nails Studio and Day Spa for your Aching Hands and Feet

Did you know that our hands and feet are the most used and stressed parts of our body? So When In Manila, I thought that there’d be no better way to thank our hands and feet, than to pamper them and spend a whole day at Nails Studio & Day Spa.


Our feet do the walking and our hands do the typing every single day.  I feel that it’s just right to give them a relaxing treat but without having to spend that much.  Then I heard about this Nails Studio & Day Spa in Tomas Morato owned and managed by a couple, Dianne Siao and Charles Tan. They supposedly offer the best service at the most affordable prices. After walking around Quezon City all day, this was the day that my friend and I ultimately decided to pamper our aching feet.



As soon as we stepped into the spa, we smelled the pampering green tea and peppermint scents. My attention was especially captured by this “free wifi” sign (Yes! we can tweet, browse and check our Facebook page while enjoying the service). Furthermore, spa goers have a chance to watch movies showing throughout the spa. The staff was very friendly and accommodating, and we were more than excited to sit our tired backs and aching feet on those lazy boy couches to get started.





I had their Signature Spa Pedicure (500Php), for a totally spoiling regime that included a scrub, spa, mask, and pedicure. The treatment started with the foot spa to invigorate my tired feet, moving onto the hand and foot mask. I have to admit, I used to think that masks were just for the face but now they have that for hands and feet too!). They had me choose which scent I’d like to try but the sheer amount of choices overwhelmed me, so I had to ask my nail technician for her recommendation. My ever so smart beauty consultant recommended I try their “best sellers,” the Lavender Mint and Vanilla.



I opted for the Lavender Mint which she started applying to my legs and feet, at which point I heard this cute little girl in the spa asking: “Mom why is she painting her legs?” I had to giggle as I realized that this too was my first time to encounter the foot mask. As my therapist “painted” legs and feet, this amazing aroma filled up the entire spa. The mint aroma of Lavender had this cooling and healing effect that got to me right away! The foot mask was left to dry for about 10 minutes followed by a scrub, then, for the main event, a pedicure with an added foot massage and a foot wrap before we got started on the polish. Yup, all that and then some! 



I love OPI nail polish, which is what they used, and it was a total delight to see all the different OPI shades they had to choose from. My friend loves blue and got the midnight blue while I wanted to have red carpet nails, so I had to go for shades of crimson red. 




We had a day of scrumptious treatment for our hands and feet… I say scrumptious because I’m currently staring at my colorful nails and they look like yummy candies I just want to munch on… Anyway, I strongly suggest that you pamper your feet and hands as well!


As much as we care about our face, hair and skin, I think it’s about time we showed our hardworking feet and hands some lovin’ that they deserve!  It’s time to start the hand and foot revolution that wont hurt your budget neither!


When In Manila, if you’re looking for total relaxation, from finger to toe, then walk on by to to Nails Studio & Day Spa!  they specialize not only in nails but they also in making sure you come out completely refreshed and rejuvinated!



(Some photos courtesy of  Nail Studio and Day Spa)



Nails Studio and Day Spa

105-B Scout Castor St. Brgy. Laging Handa, Quezon City

Tel No: (02)355-0910






Pamper Yourself  with something that fits Your Budget at Nails Studio and Day Spa  

Nails Studio and Day Spa for your Aching Hands and Feet




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