Nail Axis Spa: 5-Star Treatment For Your Nails

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If you’re looking for that ultimate nail spa date where you and your nail beds are treated to a VIP treatment like no other, head over to Nail Axis Spa, where they assure you 5-star treatment for your nails.

Nail Axis Spa at Timog, Quezon City, promises first-class treatment, as the only nail spa in Manila that provides a hotel-like experience. From their reservation, to the concierge services, up to the actual treatment, you will truly feel like a hotel guest as you sit back, relax, and enjoy their first-class services.

The concept was created by young entrepreneur John Cava, whose background lies in international hospitality management. For his first business venture, John was keen on bringing the luxury experience to the nail salon, bringing in the best practices in the hospitality industry and applying them here.

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Upon entering their doors, you are greeted by a friendly and accommodating staff who make sure to know their guests well for that intimate and personal feel. If it’s your first time, they make you sign up a form so that on your next visit, they are able to look you up in their database which includes your personal information, as well as preference, like how concierges treat a valued guest who stays regularly at their hotels.

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The interiors are sleek, modern and sophisticated, with an inviting atmosphere even to the most masculine of your friends. This aesthetic was important to John, who wanted the nail salon to be non-intimidating to men, or to those alienated by the usual girly notions of nail spas. Feel free to bring your dad, your best guy friend, or even your boyfriend for a different kind of date! 

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Like in hotels, packages are named after suites — DeluxeExecutive, and Presidential. We were given the executive treatment which included a foot spa with exfoliating scrub, revitalizing mask, an extended soothing massage, polishing, and executive delights! What are executive delights, you ask? Nail Axis even puts in the extra mile in their services by serving “executive delights”, or oh-so-heavenly pastries provided by Croque!

Nail Axis 5 Star Treatment food

Yummy executive delights! The treats of the day vary, but I especially enjoyed the brioche bun with cream cheese filling during our visit. 

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The jet spa chair is usually reserved for the Presidential treatment, but we were lucky to have tried this on our visit. The chairs are imported from the US, which combines a foot spa and a massage chair in one. It even has its own faucet and drainage system, giving that extra oomph to the common foot spa. Fancy!

Nail Axis Spa

My little sister, Jillian, enjoying her Executive mani-pedi package, while sipping water from a goblet. Fancy!

We were treated like royalty as the attendants polished our nails with utmost care, not rushing the treatment unlike most nail salons, as we enjoyed a massage from the chairs throughout the session. Be ready to dedicate an entire afternoon for relaxing and spoiling your nails! As pampering should not be rushed, after all.

Aside from their special mani-pedi packages and paraffin treatment, they also offer other services such as threading, waxing, ear candling, and even massages! 

For that extra-special, VIP treatment, Nail Axis Spa is also perfect for those sparty dates! It’s definitely something to have your nails done and be treated like royalty along with your friends, in this sophisticated ambiance.

If you’re looking for some real me-time where you want to be pampered all day long in a posh environment, you’ll definitely feel like a queen at Nail Axis Spa.

Nail Axis Spa

2nd Floor, Unit 202, South Insula Building, #61 Timog Avenue, South Triangle, Quezon City, Philippines 

For inquiries, call (02) 962-2744 / +63 905 3150043 

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