Nail Art Home Service by I Do Nails

When in Manila
and too lazy to step out of the house to have your nail art done in the nail salon, I am happy to share with you gals that I Do Nails specifically caters to the women (and the men apparently!) who want to have their nail art (not for the men though) done in the comfort of their own homes.


I’ve just recently become a fan of nail art and have gotten quite addicted to it and there are many salons in the metro that we’ve even featured here that are really good in providing this particular service. I will have to admit though, that there are days when I’m just too lazy to get out of the house and I really  wanted to find a salon that did this service at home and i could not find a salon that offered home service for nail art because everyone just offered the regular manicure and pedicure. I mean sure, some offered great colors for nail polish, but unfortunately, none offered nail art. It took me a while to find one and when I did, I became an instant fan.


I found “I Do Nails” via facebook. I was so frustrated with a lady that promised to do my nails on a particular day only to cancel at the last minute. In my frustration, I simply posted on my wall and asked if anybody knew of a salon that did nail art at home and voila! I Do Nails was on top of her list. I’ve had a busy week as well so I had to squeeze in the appointment while I had to do my radio show on Mellow 94.7 and my radio partner was more than happy to have her nails done too.


The ladies from I Do Nails arrived at the appointed time but I was running late so I texted my radio partner to go ahead without me and as soon as I arrived, she seemed quite content being pampered by Rose and RC from I do Nails. It was pretty impressive how the nail technicians came in with a huge luggage bag and inside were all the things they needed to give us beautiful nails. I took pictures of my happy partner and here she is enjoying the whole experience!





I was also happy to find that I Do Nails carries good quality nail polish brands such as OPI, Orly and Essie plus they have a wide array of colors for you to choose from. The way they do their nail art is also interesting! I’ve seen how in salons, their nail technicians would draw or paint images on my nails, but this time, they stamped the designs on our fingernails instead. You could choose nail designs from the templates that they have on small silver plates.





Jaybee and I both decided to get zebra prints on our nails but we chose different colors. She decide to go with pink and black while I went for dark purple and white. The process looked simple enough, first they would put nail polish on the template, then scrape the rest down so the nail polish would follow the grooves of the template and take the rest off and then they took a stamp-like gadget (i prefer the word toy actually) and would stamp it on our fingernails, and they finally finished it off with a top coat.




Jaybee had her nails done first and here is the end result!





Obviously content with her nails, I was eager to have mine done as well. We had to go on air in a bit but that did not stop me and Jaybee from continuing what had already been started. So here we are, hard at work, and equally hard at play.




The same steps were done with my nails.






The zebra print even matched my outfit for the day and I loved it! The whole experience took less than two hours and I must say that I am more than happy with the result. I got to go on air plus have my nails done at the same time. This will definitely not be the last time that I have these ladies come over. There are just too many adorable nail designs to choose from! Next on my wishlist are these designs below!




All in all, the manicure and pedicure plus nail art on your hands would cost 400php, not bad for something you didn’t have to spend a cent on your gas for. Currently, I Do Nails services in Libis, Katipunan, Pasig, San Juan, Mandaluyong, Cubao and Makati. They also have a nail service for men called the MAN-icure which provides soak-nail shape and foot massage for 180php only. The kids could also enjoy a Mini Me package for only 200php. So really, this could be a perfect way to bond with your family while lazily sitting under a tree on a slow sunday afternoon or in front of a tv watching a good movie.  Just call I Do Nails and you could sit back and enjoy the whole experience minus the popcorn, after all, you wouldn’t want to ruin those beautiful nails.


I Do Nails will also be celebrating their first year anniversary this July and congratulations are definitely in order. I think they’re doing great especially since they just started a year ago but their list of loyal customers seem to be growing based on what I’ve seen on their facebook account. They might have special promo’s because of their upcoming anniversary so that’s definitely something you guys might want to watch out for!


So When in Manila and too tired to step out of the house just to have your nails prettyfied, call I Do Nails for a nail art home service!


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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Idonailshomeservice

For appointments, call: 5029099

or text 09175315365

Email: idonailshomeservice@yahoo.com