“My Name Is Nadine”: Nadine Lustre Drops Very First Vlog

Nadine Lustre recently teased about starting her own YouTube channel. And now, it’s here!

The celebrity just dropped her very first vlog titled, “May name is Nadine”. In the video, she shared a glimpse of her childhood complete with VHS-filmed home videos. Yup, REAL ones–not the digitally filtered videos!

It included a glimpse of her barbie dolls, which she apparently traded over Tamiya cars; her birthday parties; trips to the sari-sari store; Ghost Fighter anime posters that inspired her to become a manga artist and a voice talent; SM Storyland clips from her previous show; and some photographs she took from her first-ever digital camera! Basically, THE COMPLETE 90s BABIES’ TRIP DOWN MEMORY LANE.

Moreover, Lustre revealed that her inspiration for becoming the multi-hyphenated star that she is today is Britney Spears. “I love Britney Spears,” she said. “I told myself I was gonna be like her when I grow up.”

According to her, this is the long journey that she had to take that led her here. “Looking back though, I’m really grateful for all the ups and downs and all of the people I’ve come across,” she mentioned. “I understand that all of this had to happen for me to become this person.”

Watch Nadine Lustre’s vlog here.

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