Mustela: Skin Care Expert for Mommies and Babies


When In Manila and you’re expecting, know someone expecting or have already delivered your little bundle of joy, then you might want to head to your local department stores and check out the excellent range of Mustela products.



Mustela, the skin care expert for babies and mothers-to-be, is a high-end line of skin care products that uses ultra gentle formulations. For moms who want to prepare for their little ones arrival, Mustela is the perfect choice for even the most sensitive of skin types – they prioritize using ingredients of natural origin (80% on average).  I’ve discovered Mustela about three months into my pregnancy and it definitely made a believer out of me: keeps my and now, the baby’s skin healthy, smooth and beautiful.


 Manufactured by Laboratoires Expanscience, the 6th largest independent laboratory in France, it is no doubt a brand that can be trusted a thousand times over with more than 62 years in the baby skin care market.  What’s best is that for OC moms like me, you’ll be assured that the products you’re using are without any ‘questionable’ ingredients such as paraben, phthalate, or phenoxyethanol, nor does it contain any soap, alcohol, and essential oils that can potentially be harmful to your little nuggets.  Natural plant extracts are used as ingredients to ensure the utmost quality and safety for baby and mom.



 What’s a wonder brand to do then? Well, if you’re Mustela, you then developed four product lines that can suit all of mom’s and baby’s skin care needs.


These range from:

1. Mustela Bebe: Products that are specifically formulated for baby’s delicate skin.  Used daily for hygiene, bath time, diaper change and skin protection.

2.  Mustela Dermo Pediatrics: Products dedicated to common skin problems for newborns (sensitive skin, atopic skin, skin asthma, eczema prone skin)

3.  Mustela 9 Months: Products for pregnant and breastfeeding moms.  Best to address the tremendous changes in the mom’s skin during and after pregnancy.


4.  Mustela Sun Protection: Sun care products for babies and children.



When Hubby & I found out we were pregnant, we were beyond ecstatic of course.  After the initial shock and excitement, I was on major research mode, for products that will help me protect my skin and thereafter protect our baby’s ones she was born.  Through careful research and lots of friend’s recommendation, I’ve discovered Mustela.  Their Mustela 9 Months line is just what I was looking for to ease any fear of unsightly stretch marks making an appearance on my belly.  Mustela 9 Months promises among others, effectiveness (tested under medical supervision and in real conditions) and specificity (active ingredients specially selected to act on tissue elasticity and cutaneous sensitivity): 2 things that sounds very reassuring for moms-to-be.  A quick stopover to Glorietta and I got myself 2 products that I’ve dubbed as THE belly-saver: Stretch Marks Double Action and Stretch Marks Intensive Action.


 Why I love them:


    • Both products are specifically designed for use during pregnancy and postpartum.
    • Safe to use during breastfeeding.
    • You only need to apply it twice a day instead of multiple times like some products.
    • Has unique combination of 3 specific patented ingredients: Elastroregulator, Lupeol & Avocado Peptides, that maintains, strengthens & improves skin elasticity and firmness.
    • Prevents dryness brought about by the tremendous change in the skin during the pregnancy.
    • Smells pleasant – in fact Hubby the smell is so much better than any lotion/perfume I’ve used.
    • Most important, it really did deliver. No stretch mark during and after giving birth!


    Mustela Bebe



    My baby will be celebrating her 3rd month (yes. first child + excited mom = monthly celebration)  and we’ve been using Mustela Dermo-Cleansing for her bath time since birth.  I love it! And baby seems to love it too!  It’s gentle on her skin (it’s soap free makes her all the more soft and cuddly) and yet cleanses her body and hair thoroughly without leaving it dry. Plus the smell is just right, not too strong, just a light hint of powdery freshness that enhances  baby’s natural goodie smell. 



    Asides for bath times, Mustela products take center stage during diaper changing times.  We use Mustela Vitamin barrier cream together with its Cleansing and soothing wipes.  I am very particular with baby’s diaper cream.  While doing research online, I read and heard about Mustela’s Vitamin barrier cream, and let me tell you, it really works!!  The shea butter and vitamin b5 in the Vitamin barrier cream soothes and softens baby’s skin. It effectively protects baby’s skin against possible rash from diaper friction or from exposure to urine/stool.  In fact, for 3 months now baby has yet to experience any diaper irritation/rash.  At the first sign of redness we apply a small amount of vitamin barrier cream and see it disappear soon enough. 



    As most mothers can attest, wipes are another essential cant-live-without-item in any diaper bag.  So why give yourself a headache and get a low quality kind.  We tried another brand prior to Mustela and were left rather disappointed.  Sure it was a lot cheaper, but you need to use a number of wipes to get all the poop out.  Plus it wasn’t as moist as it should be, I was afraid that it was turning my baby’s cute bum into a ball of unsightly red.  Mustela’s Cleansing and soothing wipes gently cleanses and soothes baby’s skin.  It contains enriched lupin extract and is perfectly moist hence it gets all the poop off with just a few sheet.


    Ok, true enough, Mustela products can be a little pricier compare to others out there in the market, but seriously now, would you really scrimp on you and your baby’s skin care welfare? Especially on products that are prescribed by doctors and have the best track records for skin care? Yeah, didn’t think so!  


    So When In Manila, be sure to check out Mustela at the following branches.


    1. Ayala Trinoma, 1st level Mindanao Wing, beside National Bookstore
    2. Robinson’s Ermita, 1st level Midtown Wing, beside Kipling’s and Topshop
    3. Glorietta 4, 3rd level, in front of Gourdo’s and Play and Display
    4. Shangrila Mall, 4th level, in front of Mothercare
    5. Megamall A, 2nd level, in front of Marks and Spencer and Esprit 6. Landmark Department Stores
    7. Rustan’s Department Stores
    8. Pure Beauty, Serendra, 2nd floor fronting Market Market

    And hey, When In Manila and you’re too busy to go out, they even do FREE deliveries with no minimum order required. How awesome is that?!


    *For OUTSIDE Metro Manila, they deliver through JRS or LBC, you just have to pay for the air freight.


    For further information or inquiries you can reach them via their hotline at 0917-8959988 or email at



    Mustela: Skin Care Expert for Mommies and Babies



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