Must-Try Fluffy Pancakes in Metro Manila

Soufflé pancakes first became popular in Japan. As the name suggests, these pancakes are light, soft, and spongy, unlike the regular ones. You must definitely try them in order to taste the difference! In case you haven’t yet, here is our list of recommendations complete with mouthwatering photos to convince you. 😉

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Soufflé Pancakes

Where to buy: Puffy’s Soufflé Pancake Café

Puffys Souffle Pancakes scaled

Why you should try it: Puffy’s Soufflé Pancake Café offers “authentic” soufflé pancakes at affordable prices! An order consists of a pair of pancakes stacked together and is available for only 140 pesos. Cooked using an electric griddle, they are tall and fluffy on the outside with a delightfully creamy inside!

How to order: Puffy’s Soufflé Pancakes are available on Grab Food and FoodPanda. You may also order through their Facebook Page and Instagram account (@puffyscafeph). They deliver all over Metro Manila.

Blueberry Ricotta Pancakes

Where to buy: Wildflour Café + Bakery

Wildflour Blueberry Ricotta Pancakes

Why you should try it: Wildflour Café + Bakery serves quality comfort food made from “honest-to-goodness” ingredients. Their Blueberry Ricotta pancakes are fluffy with just the right amount of tang! The homemade ricotta used for this dessert also comes in tubs that are sold in their pantry.

How to order: You can enjoy these soufflé pancakes for dine-in at any Wildflour restaurant in Metro Manila. For deliveries, they are available on Grab Food, FoodPanda, and Pick.A.Roo. They also accept advanced orders through their website ( or via the Wildflour App.

Ube Fluffy Creamy Pancakes

Where to buy: Flossom Kitchen + Café

Flossom Fluffy Creamy Pancakes

Why you should try it: Flossom Kitchen + Café serves comfort food with a twist, inspired by travels abroad by their chef. Their Fluffy Creamy Pancakes are available in Ube, Tiramisu, and Strawberry Cream. Plus, they also offer unlimited wine and tapas!

How to order: Flossom’s Fluffy Creamy Pancakes are available for dine-in (N. Averilla, San Juan) or delivery via Grab Food, FoodPanda, or directly through their website ( This store delivers all over Metro Manila.

Matcha Soufflé Pancakes

Where to buy: Prologue

prologue Souffle Pancakes matcha

Why you should try it: Prologue serves all-day breakfast including these mouthwatering fluffy pancakes! Aside from matcha, they are also available in mixed berries and banana caramel–best paired with their in-house roasted coffees.

How to order: Prologue is located in Sct. Gandia, Tomas Morato QC for an al fresco dining experience. For deliveries, you may call 0961-3799889 / 02-86932013 or order via Grab Food/Pick-A-Roo.

Chocolate Lava Premium Pancakes

Where to buy: Gram Café and Pancakes

Gram Premium Pancakes

Why you should try it: Gram Café and Pancakes is known in Japan where they also source their main ingredients! This ensures that you get the same quality as when you dine in Gram Café and Pancakes Japan. Of course, their Premium Pancakes are their specialty–they are jiggly, fluffy, and fresh!

How to order: Gram’s Premium Pancakes are very limited so if you want to try it, you may order now through this link (, GrabFood, or SM online.

Which one is your favorite? Want to suggest more? Tell us in the comments!

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