MUST READ: What To Do In Case Of A Road Robbery

When in Manila, we’ve heard all sorts of stories about brazen street crimes and different modus operandi. From street kids to motorcycle tandems, or even just random pedestrians on the road, one must always remain vigilant.

When Cecille SuerteFelipe, a Philippine STAR reporter,  fell victim to a road robbery, she was in shock. It was in broad daylight while in slow moving traffic along Araneta Avenue when a random pedestrian snapped off her side mirrors and ran off with them. She writes: “I practically spent most of my more than two decades in the industry covering the police beat, never have I imagined I myself will be a victim of a street crime.”

Due to her quick thinking in seeking police assistance, the perpetrator was caught. It was eventually found that these petty thieves sell these stolen side mirrors to certain stores in Banawe to be resold.

Cecille shares with us these quick tips in case we find ourselves in the same situation:

1. Don’t get off from you car and chase the thief who stole your side mirrors. It would be dangerous to go after him. Remember, he was not alone.

2. Don’t leave your car, your belongings left inside the car might also be stolen as you were chasing the thief.

3. Keep calm and don’t panic.

4. Call your family and tell them what had happened.

5. Call the police and report the incident.

6. It would be advisable to travel with a companion.

7. Take a good look at the thief and remember his facial features for possible positive identification after his arrest.


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Source: Cecille SuerteFelipe Facebook page

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