Mozza Grilled Pizzas: Your Not-So-Ordinary Grilled Pizza at Mercato Centrale

When In Manila, pizza has got to be one of the most sinfully delicious food! It’s easy to munch on and it’s got a variety of toppings that will surely please everyone at the party. We’ve got A LOT of delicious pizza joints in the country; but sometimes, the usual flavors get boring, and we start craving for something different. Pepperoni? Nah! How about sisig! Yeah! That’s where Mozza comes in!



Mozza is the newest pizza brand to hit the metro with their unique and out of this world toppings. They’ve got a wide range of flavors for everyone, from longganisa, to salmon, to bacon and even sisig! Moreover, what also adds to the brand’s mouthwatering flavors is the fact that they actually GRILL the pizza instead of baking it. Grilling the pizza also somehow made the bread a little more toasty and the pizza itself smokey.

Mozza-Grilled-Pizza-Mercato-02Mozza Grilled Pizzas now Grilling


“We pride ourselves on being the country’s first fresh, charcoal-grilled artisan pizzas with premium US mozzarella and gourmet toppings.”, shares owner Guilson Uy

Mozza-Grilled-Pizza-Mercato-04(L-R) Partners Samantha Buendia, Mark Lester Kiong, Guilson Uy and Sheryl Kiong ready to serve their hungry customers


Mozza Grilled Pizza is the product of two childhood friends, Guilson and Mark who decided to put their skills and hobbies together and start a business. Guilson was a struggling office worker with a passion for pizza. He soon decided to learn cooking at the Global Academy. Mark on the other hand is an engineer and businessman, it was his idea to use a charcoal powered grill in preparing the pizza to give it that extra twist!

 Mozza-Grilled-Pizza-Mercato-03Owners Guilson and Mark prepare your pizzas themselves


So last week, I and some friends headed over to Mercato Centrale to find out what the fuss was all about. Mozza currently carries about 8 different flavors, all with very interesting toppings. We decided to try out their top 4 best sellers and see if they’d pass the test.


Guilson and his girlfriend, Sam named their pizza based on its personality as well as its chef’s personality. For example, one pizza called THE BEACHED is named as such because Guilson loves the beach and is topped with delicious smoked salmon.


Beached (P189)

Premium US mozzarella, smoked salmon, salsa fresca, kesong puti, fresh dill, bechamel sauce


The fresh dill and all the other ingredients complemented the smoked salmon really well. Out of the 4 pizzas we had, this was one of the lightest on the stomach. It felt like the perfect summer pizza. Fellow WhenInManila.com writer Inah Manalaysay picked this as one of her favorites, “I really liked the Beached because I often go swimming. This flavor makes me feel like I’m still on my diet.”


The Craving (P 169)

Premium US mozzarella, special pork sisig, white onions, spring onions, chili bechamel sauce


The name of this pizza perfectly suits it as it had us craving for more after just one bite. It tasted so much like lechon that I just wanted to pour over some gravy and gobble it all up! Fellow writer Jason Cruz on the other hand felt like squeezing some calamansi on it to cut through the fatty goodness! At some point, we forgot we were eating a pizza! The sisig flavor just stood out so much. It’s the perfect meal to pair with a bottle of beer and a night of craziness with friends.


The Beast (P199)

Premium US mozzarella, beef shawarma, bone marrow, tomatoes and onions


We’re all used to eating shawarma with the pita bread, Mozza’s grilled pizza gave The Beast the same delicious flavor we’re used to but served in a different manner. It’s just such a unique idea to find shawarma on a pizza.  The quality of the meat was good that even just a few pieces already made the flavor rich. We also enjoyed how it wasn’t so salty but very meaty! The fatty flavor on this really sold it.


The King (P 199)

Premium US mozzarella, smoked maple bacon, roasted garlic, shitake mushrooms, balsamic onions, parmesan cheese, truffle oil drizzle, bechamel sauce


This pizza was definitely THE KING as it was jam-packed with toppings, all complementing the other really well. At first bite, it might seem that the onion overpowers the bacon, but after chewing, the flavor of the bacon really comes out. It was an absolute explosion of flavors! This was one of our favorites! It just had us closing our eyes, happily enjoying every bite.


Mozza-Grilled-Pizza-Mercato-10WhenInManila.com approves Mozza Grilled Pizzas


Mozza has a lot more flavors to choose from, but so far, we can say that they’ve definitely passed our test! If you want to experience pizza like never before, then you most definitely have to try Mozza. You won’t regret it.

You can currently catch Mozza at Mercato Centrale every Friday and Saturday from 6pm to 3am from today until the first week of June. They hope to open shop soon after, but in the meantime, you can also order by contacting them through the following:


Mozza Grilled Pizza

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MozzaGrilledPizzas

Instagram: @mozzagrilledpizzas

Email: mozzagrilledpizzas@gmail.com

Contact Number: 09178951305