Mövenpick Hotel Cebu: A beautiful foreign getaway at the outskirts of Cebu!

When In Manila… Wait, this is not Manila… When In Cebu! Got that right! When In Cebu and looking for a fantastic place to relax, unwind and getaway from all the troubles of life and the norms of the city, pack your bags and head on out to Cebu and have a grand time at Mövenpick Hotel Cebu! A wonderful place that won’t just relax your tired mind and body, it’ll also give you a fun-filled and leisure packed vacation. Being a very touted hotel all over the world, this is definitely an experience that will be memorable.

Cebu Mactan Moevenpick 18

Mactan Moevenpick 1

Being at the outskirts of Cebu City, specifically at Mactan Island, you can easily head-out and Find Mövenpick Hotel Cebu from the airport. Upon arrival at Mövenpick Hotel Cebu, you’ll definitely notice how beautiful the place is from the entrance until the main lobby entrance. Simple yet elegant swiss designs that give a more “fun” and “enlighting” aura, instead of the common “calm” and “relaxing” feel. It may be located a little distant from the malls and the main Cebu City, but they have shuttles and shuttle schedules going around every day for your ease of transportation, and it’s free!

Moevenpick Mactan Cebu

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Coming in to the lobby of Mövenpick Hotel Cebu is like stepping into a different country. I can resemble Swiss architecture by ow everything showed height and light and bright colors were glowing everywhere. From my experience with hotels, most of them use dim lit lighting and colors to resonate an aura of calmness and relaxation. With Mövenpick Hotel Cebu however, they utilize bright yet calming colors to give a more “fun” and “enlighting” feel. I like this aura that resonates around Mövenpick Hotel Cebu since it calms you down and at the same time, gives you a happy and uplifting feeling. The entire hotel made good use of the positive emotions that the color white and blue triggers in the human mind.

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Our room in Mövenpick Hotel Cebu was a nice Deluxe Room. The colors were very bright and bubbly as well, parallel to the lobby. We were greeted with some plateful of fruits and of course, Mangoes! The bathroom was very spacey and had really good amenities along with an awesome bath tub!

Mactan ISland Resorts

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Touring the Mövenpick Hotel Cebu was majestic! Every area and scenery was enthralling and breath taking! The Pool area was very wide and had glowing seats inside the pool itself that emanated lights that also colored the pool at night. The surrounding areas of the pool also complimented in making the pool and the whole Mövenpick Hotel Cebu to look exquisite.

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The beach area of Mövenpick Hotel Cebu was also well made and gave a 10/10 in looks! The beach may be quite small, but the scenery and the foundations were very very pleasing to the eyes. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

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The Ibiza Beach Club of Mövenpick Hotel Cebu is “sort-of” the party, drinking and chilling area of Mövenpick Hotel Cebu. An international DJ plays nightly, and on Wednesdays, they have their ladies night. Bright lights and light displays spark the night here. During the morning, the scenery is just as beautiful. The Ibiza Beach Club lies on the foot of Mövenpick Hotel Cebu which I found was very ingenious for the fact that the music wouldn’t interrupt those at the lobby area of Mövenpick Hotel Cebu, as well as those resting in the lower leveled rooms. As well as having a really amazing scenery by slightly being at the sea during the day.

Cebu Mactan Moevenpick 12

Speaking of Swiss, the Swiss are well known also for their chocolates right? It’s amazing that every night when we come back to Mövenpick Hotel Cebu, they always top-off cleaning our room with a few pieces of Toblerone chocolates! Yes, every night! Mövenpick Hotel Cebu also offers a chocolate hour everyday. Basically this is an entire hour where they give out Swiss chocolates to guests in the lobby during the afternoon. I felt quite disappointed though since it was just 1 chocolate covered marshmallow. I expected it to be unlimited and much better than just that. Nonetheless, it was a pretty cool idea, just needs more work.

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The food at Mövenpick Hotel Cebu‘s The Sails were superb! Selection was above average and cooking quality was spot on. Eggs were very soft and scrumptious, yet nowhere near under-cooked. The waffles were a melt-in-your-mouth experience that could have only been done with equal cooking on both sides. They were churning out waffles quick in numbers, but the texture never lacked in quality.

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Their pastries were also something to be noted for. Texture, flavor, mixture of taste and selection were also good. I was pretty full when I tried most of the pastries, but I had to give them some space as well since they were tasteful.

Cebu Mactan Moevenpick 37

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At night, we just had to get some of the Mövenpick Ice Cream! They’re pretty well known and we just had to experience ’em. We had them at The Sails of Mövenpick Hotel Cebu near the lobby. It was cool that we could order at the lobby and feast there if we choose to, but we chose to have it at The Sails. Just as how Swiss chocolates are, the Mövenpick Ice Cream were to die for! One scoop was pretty pricey, but the burst of the taste and the richness of the ice cream was more than enough to satisfy! This should be something on your list when staying here at Mövenpick Hotel Cebu!

Here’s some more photos for the beautiful and amazing scenery of Mövenpick Hotel Cebu!
Check them out!

Moevenpick Cebu

Cebu Mactan Moevenpick

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The Moevenpick Hotel Mactan Island Cebu enjoys a Very Good customer rating on Agoda.com, the leading online hotels booking site in Asia and in the country. I first checked on this hotel on Agoda.com for discounted rates but also ended up browsing the reviews from past customers. The reviews are tied to actual customer bookings so I was quickly convinced of its 100% accuracy. And of course the rates are quite handsome too. Case in point in this link http://www.agoda.com/asia/philippines/cebu/moevenpick_hotel_mactan_island_cebu.html

Photos By: Ivica Rae Sayof www.runnurse.com
& Cholo Isungga

Article By: Cholo Isungga


Mövenpick Hotel Cebu



Mövenpick Hotel Cebu: A beautiful foreign getaway at the outskirts of Cebu!

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