Mother Seeks Help on Social Media Over Death of 10-Year Old Daughter

Mother Seeks Help on Social Media Over Death of 10-Year Old Daughter

Tutz Salarda-Chan, a mother of a 10-year old girl who died battling congestive heart disease, took to social media her agony. 

Chan posted on Facebook last August 11, 2014 about her tribulation with Butuan Doctors’ Hospital, which, she stated, caused the death of her daughter. 

She also shared, “I can not bring any more my daughter’s life back.. but at least I can do something to what had happened to her…to just even lessen the pain that we are going through…”

Additonally, she mentioned, “And to all friends/relatives who care, I will appreciate if you could simply share this post. It will be a lot of help.”

Here’s her story taken from her Facebook post. 

She is Yanna (Jannary Chan), my 10 year old daughter who passed away last July 16, 2014 at around 3:00am due to congestive heart failure..

Yanna Chan (1) Yanna Chan (2)(Images from: Tutz Salarda-Chan’s Facebook Page) 

At 6months old, she was already diagnosed of having congenital heart disease. Early this year, she was as well diagnosed of diabetes with kidney problem.

July 13, 2014 she was confined at San Francisco Doctors Hospital (Agusan del Sur) where she was properly monitored and cared. July 15, 2014 we needed to transfer her to Butuan Doctors Hospital (Butuan City) due to her emergency situation and critical condition.. believing for a better medical treatment as they have more complete medical equipment.

We travelled more than an hour with an ambulance assisted by 2 nurses from San Francisco Doctors Hospital with complete medical certificate and referral. We arrived at Butuan Doctors Hospital around 8pm… rushing to admission desk.. running for my daughter’s life… only to be rejected simply because my available cash on hand was only around 8,000- 10,000 and they demanded for 30,000.00 deposit on that very hour!

Nakiusap po kami ng husto na tanggapin ang bata kasi sobrang emergency po at hindi na banking hours to transfer cash kasi gabi na. “Ilang oras na lang naman at umaga na miss, at mabubuo na namin ang kulang.” Ang sinabi ko po. (We pleaded to the hospital staff that they accept my daughter because it was an emergency and it was no longer banking hours to transfer cash because it was already nighttime. It will be morning soon and we can have the money to complete the payment.)

“Malayo sa 30,000 yang hawak mong cash! Wala ditong charity, private hospital kami. Ano ba trabaho mo? Saan ba mangagaling ang pambayad nyo dito?!” Dagdag niyang sinabi. (“What you have is far from 30,000. This isn’t a charity, we are a private hospital. What’s your job? Where will you get the money to pay for this?”, the staff said.)

“May pambayad kami kaya lang gabi ngayon Miss, hindi kami makapag transact ng money transfer, at saka naka intubate na yung anak ko, kailangan niya sa ICU, kanina pa siya nasa ambulance lang, hindi naman pwedeng nasa daan lang kami magdamag, ang layo pa ng ibinyahe namin, emergency lang talaga.” Ang sagot ko po.. (I answered, “We have the means to pay for this but we cannot do any transactions or money transfer now. My daughter is already intubated, she needs to get to the ICU, she’s been in the ambulance for a long time. It won’t work that we stay on the road until the morning. We have traveled very far. This is really an emergency.”)

“Hindi yan emergency! Ang emergency yung mga nasagasaan sa daan etc… Eh kayo galing na kayo sa isang Hospital dapat bago kayo bumiyahe itinawag nyo muna sa amin yan! Alam nyong me cash deposit bago tanggapin ang pasyente nyo! At saka sa ICU kayo, dapat 30,000.00 talaga ang deposit, yan ang policy namin! At every 3 days hihingan namin kayo ng 30,000.00 kasi 10,000 per day ang ICU hindi pa kasama mga gamot! Dapat tumawag muna kayo bago nyo sinugod yan dito para alm nyo babayaran nyo!” Sagot ng babae.. (The staff answered back, “That’s not an emergency. An emergency is someone who got hit on the road. You came from another hospital so you should have called us first before you went on the road. You should have known that a cash deposit is required here before we accept a patient. And since it will on the ICU, it should really be 30,000 as deposit. That is our policy. And every three days we will ask for 30,000 since it’s 10,000 per day on the ICU excluding medicines. You should have called before you went here so you would have known how much to pay.)

“Eh miss itinawag na yan ng Doctor ng pinanggalingan namin sa doctor nyo dito na mag aatend sa anak ko” (“Our doctor from where we were from called the doctor here who will attend to my daughter.”)

“dapat dito sa admission yan tinatawag para ma advise kayo sa deposit!” (“You should have called here in the Admissions so we could have advised about the deposit.”)

Chan recounts that they just decided to go to Davao hospital, which she said was further away, but her daughter didn’t make it because she suffered from cardiac arrest while on the road.

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Mother Seeks Help on Social Media Over Death of 10-Year Old Daughter

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