Most Beautiful Airbnb’s for Your Summer Getaway

Longer days, warmer weather, and halo-halo stalls popping up here and there…… The summer months are officially here! With the easing of travel restrictions, travel just got a whole lot simpler. If you just started planning for summer and exploring where to go next, take some inspiration from Airbnb’s top wish-listed Philippine stays below!


Tagaytay is the most popular destination amongst locals, with Airbnb Stays in this picturesque city comprising more than half of Filipinos’ top most wish-listed stays in the country*. From a luxurious vacation house with a huge thermal pool to a charming farm stay perfect for families, unique Stays in Tagaytay are dominating the Airbnb Wishlists of Filipino guests.

Cedera Thermal Pool in Tagaytay 1

Cedera Thermal Pool in Tagaytay


John Hammocks Vacation House in Tagaytay 1

John Hammock’s Vacation House in Tagaytay

  • Cedara Thermal Pool: Cedara is a spacious vacation house boasting a special unique feature: it’s the only villa in the city with a thermal pool! Get the most out of Tagaytay’s cool weather at night and enjoy stargazing — all while dipping in a heated pool.
  • John’s Hammock Vacation House: Perfect for musical enthusiasts, this house comes well-tuned with multiple musical instruments including a grand piano, ukulele, guitars, and a cajon. Take your pick from four spacious bedrooms that can comfortably fit a total of 16 guests.
Overlooking Forest Cabin in Tagaytay 1

Overlooking Forest Cabin in Tagaytay


Amberfields Farmhouse in Tagaytay 2

Amberfield’s Farmhouse in Tagaytay

  • Overlooking Forest Cabin: Tucked in a secluded area of Tagaytay, this off-grid cabin offers great views of Taal Lake and the surrounding forests. The calm ambiance and quiet location make it an ideal spot for an intimate staycation with loved ones.
  • Amberfield’s Farmhouse: Fancy waking up to a sprawling pineapple farm surrounded by greenery? This chic and minimalist farmhouse fits the bill. It also features a four-foot swimming pool, a patio, and a private garden.

Around the world, this private island in a lake Airbnb Stay in Cavinti is the topmost wish-listed Airbnb Stay in the Philippines by international guests**. A short three-hour drive from Manila, this rustic, tiny island is perfectly nestled in the middle of Lumot Lake and fringed by the Sierra Madre ranges on all sides. Accessible only by boat, this is a perfect getaway for travelers craving a change of scenery, fresh air, and uninterrupted privacy.

From a fully solar-powered island to a bed & breakfast with sweeping views, check out some of the most wish-listed Stays in the Philippines by international guests.

Floral Island in El Nido Palawan 2

Floral Island in El Nido, Palawan


Narra Hill in Batangas 2

Narra Hill in Batangas

  • Floral Island in El Nido, Palawan: Located in the heart ofTalacanen Island, this luxurious beach hideaway offers guests sumptuous Palawan eats and exciting activities including snorkeling and kayaking.
  • Narra Hill in Batangas: A boutique bed-and-breakfast located on a lush mountainside in Tagaytay with scenic views of Taal Lake, Narra Hill makes for an ideal hilltop respite.
Amihan Ecolodge in Palawan

Amihan Ecolodge in Palawan


Treehouse de Valentine in Cebu 2

Treehouse de Valentine in Cebu

  • Amihan Ecolodge in Palawan: For adventure seekers, this earthhouse in the southern part of Palawan offers local experiences like exploring local mangroves, mountain and jungle trekking, and fishing.
  • Treehouse de Valentine in Cebu: Unconventional for all the right reasons, this treehouse is the perfect nest away from the busy Queen City of the South. Guests can luxuriate in their own wooden bathtub, read by the balcony, or take a dip in the river nearby.