More Brides-to-Be Choose to Celebrate Solo Bachelorette Parties—Here’s Why

It has been a tradition for most women to hold a bachelorette party before entering married life. There are different ways to do that, which makes it more fun and exciting! Some preferred an intimate celebration like a simple dinner, while others wanted to make the most of it with extravagant parties and getaways. 

In case you haven’t heard yet, a lot of brides-to-be are now shaking things up and opting for solo bachelorette parties, where they indulge in solo trips and other forms of me time. One of them is Aja Dang-Puspos, a YouTube content creator based in Los Angeles. 

The Wonders of Solo Bachelorette Celebrations

In July 2022, she went on a five-day solo bachelorette trip to a wellness resort and spa in Arizona before getting married in September, which gained attention from netizens around the globe. In a series of Instagram posts, she even shared snaps of her life-changing trip.

“I’ve decided to go on my bachelorette… by myself. Why? Bc I want to! The introvert in me is screaming to have a couple days to myself but more importantly, it’s giving me time to refocus. I feel like I’ve lost a little direction and am looking forward to what I can discover about myself on this trip,” [sic] she wrote.


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In her vlog, she showed the activities and itinerary for her solo bachelorette trip, including hiking, swimming, playing sports, meditation, intention-burning ceremony, and, of course, self-care!

Aja revealed that she felt a bit lost and needed clarity, “That’s all I want for my bachelor party, is to find direction.”

The 36-year-old emphasized how she was able to reflect and find herself again through her trip, “This trip was incredible. I’ve never had a more amazing adventure, but it was emotional.”

More Brides-to-Be Are Expected to Embrace Solo Bachelorette Trips

Aja also shared clips of her solo bachelorette trip on TikTok. In the comments section, many women related to her experiences and expressed their interest in going on a solo bachelorette trip as well, especially the introverted ones!

Guess what? The videos under solo bachelorette celebrations on TikTok quickly garnered over 7 billion views as more brides-to-be started appreciating the joy and peace of a solo bachelorette trip! It is now one of the newest wedding trends. 

@ajadangam so grateful i went this route. Discovering so much about myself and my needs♬ original sound – AntiNightcore

@ajadangmost relaxing trip ive ever had♬ Up Beat (Married Life) – Kenyi

In a separate Instagram post, the YouTube content creator elaborated on her reasons for going on a solo bachelorette trip after being featured in The New York Times

She said one of her reasons for opting for a solo bachelorette trip was to avoid putting a financial burden on her friends, given that her wedding was in Hawaii.  


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“But more importantly, I took this opportunity to put myself first and to reconnect with who I am as a woman before going down the adventure of married life,” she added. 

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In a report from Good Morning America (GMA), where Aja was also featured, wedding planning platform Zola found that about 7% of couples in 2023 are “actually opting for a solo bach trip.”

“People being more comfortable traveling by themselves and really wanting to travel with purpose makes them feel like they can take a solo bach trip if they want to,” Zola stated, as quoted by GMA.

Would you consider going on a solo bachelorette trip? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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