Mom Refuses to Rescue Her Trapped Son as It Would Damage Her Luxury Car

Mom refuses to rescue son BMW

A woman has sparked outrage online when she chose her BMW over the safety of her young son trapped inside the luxury car.

According to a post on, a woman in China allegedly refused to smash the windows of her BMW in order to rescue her three-year old son who was trapped inside the vehicle.

The incident happened in Yiwu, Zhejiang province in China. The typical weather condition in the said location might make it okay to wait for a locksmith to open the door, however, when the incident happened, it was relatively hot, which put the child in a rather dangerous situation.

According to Chinese state broadcast media CCTV, large crowds gathered outside the car as the toddler helplessly cried inside while the mother stood next to the car, watching the young boy.

It somewhat appeared that the boy was getting weaker so firefighters decided to break the window. The mother tried to stop them and insisted on waiting for a locksmith as she did not want to damage her car. The firefighters ignored her and went on smashing the window to rescue the child.

One firefighter said, “It is very dangerous to leave kids inside car, especially in such heat. The temperature inside the car can soar in very short time and threaten the child’s life.”

Netizens were infuriated with this incident with one even saying, “Looks like the car window is her real son.”

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