MODUS OPERANDI: Beware of Falling Rocks Above EDSA Tunnel

A seemingly new modus operandi is occurring along Quezon Avenue.

According to our source, he was driving eastbound in Quezon Avenue – EDSA underpass (enroute to Quezon City Circle) at around 7:30 pm on June 15. He was at the right outer lane at that time. While approaching the part near the intersection of Agham road, he saw several pieces of rocks on the road. When his car was about to enter the tunnel, he suddenly saw a rock being dropped from above the tunnel. He then heard a loud thud and saw a large crack on his windshield. He drove straight ahead not daring to go down to check since it was dark in that area and there were no police around.


Photo Courtesy of Japo

Photo Courtesy of Japo


A similar incident happened to Ving Del Prado at 9pm, June 16. According to Ving’s post:

Earlier tonight (around 9pm) while driving through the Quezon Avenue tunnel (the one that passes underneath EDSA), my car was hit by a big rock thrown from the street above. Luckily, only the rear passenger side door was hit and not the windshield. Also noticed that there were a lot of rocks already scattered along the road, obviously also thrown from above!

Opted to keep on driving instead of stopping to inspect the damage, who knows what could happen if I stopped? Upon arriving home, I checked my car and saw these deep scratches.


Have you experienced the same thing? Do share your story with us and please report your story to the authorities, as well. Also, if you ever experience anything similar, do not stop! Be vigilant and stay cautious. Share this story to spread awareness.

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