MODUS OPERANDI: Beware of the Hulog Hulog Piso Gang!

We love the Philippines. But while it is our joy to showcase the best that the Philippines has to offer, turning a blind eye to spreading the “bad side” of the country is a disservice to the people, especially to all the potential victims.

This is why we also share stories that we hope would make people more aware and vigilant. An example of such story is the that of the “Hulog Hulog Piso Gang.” This is a modus operandi targeting commuters. A netizen under the YouTube name “astig tao” shared the modus operandi caught in a cellphone camera. 

The victim is the female passenger sandwiched by the three males passengers. During the first part of the video, she is allegedly distracted by the man on the right who is trying to get his coin from the floor. 

The man on her left later grabs her white wallet and puts it into his black bag. Watching the video from to 1:00 t0 1:05 in slow motion might help.

These are screenshots from the video that make you see clearly what had happened: 

Hulog Piso Gang1

Hulog Piso Gang2

By sharing this story, we hope that you would be able to tell if a similar modus operandi is taking place in a jeepney you are riding in. This awareness might go a long way, as proven by this story of how a man noticed something and got out of the jeepney just in time.

Do you have any similar experiences? If you do, please help others become more aware by commenting below.

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