MNL Grow Kits: Let Your Garden Grow with Ease

A spacious lawn or yard is never readily available for Manilenyo residents as every year, the city gets bigger and yes, more crowded. Spacious lots are now being converted to condominiums, apartments and town houses, especially in the business districts.

The question is: what will happen to those garden enthusiasts living in the city – the ones who love to crowd their homes with plants and more greenery – if every lawn or yard is cemented or tiled?

Well, this article is the answer to that.

MNL Grow Kits

Compact Boxes for Easy Handling and Delivery

MNL Grow Kits offer a solution to this problem by catering sow-and-grow kits that include everything you need to grow a forest. I mean, a garden of potted plants. However, if it becomes a forest, then why not? The more luscious, the greener, and the better way to a clean and fresh city living. I know you would agree with me on this. *smiles*

Indulge in the different varieties that they offer from sow-and-grow ornamentals to sow-and-grow edibles in kits that contain 1 packet of plant seeds, 1 coconut husk starter pot, 1 plant marker, 1 instruction flyer, 1 pack organic fertilizer, and 1 pack fertilizer-infused starting compost.

Another interesting thing is that all their materials are locally made from raw, organic and native products. Now that’s what I call going pro-nature BIG time.

MNL Grow Kits

Sow-and-Grow Essentials

MNL Grow Kits

Getting Started

MNL Grow Kits

That awesome, one-of-a-kind starter coconut husk pot.

MNL Grow Kits

Starting Compost

MNL Grow Kits

Organic Fertilizer

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