Miss Universe Montenegro Apologizes For Their Candidate’s “Unintentional Gesture”

The Miss Universe Montenegro organization just issued an apology to Miss Universe Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, as well as to her Filipino fans and supporters over their candidate’s “unintentional gestures” caught on camera during the crowning of Miss Philippines.

The video posted by Missosology, which had gone viral on social media, showed Miss Montenegro Maja Cukic as one of the contestants who approached Miss Colombia after the gaffe happened, trying to comfort her. The video shows Pia attempting to get near Miss Colombia after her win, but is barred by the crowd of contestants. Miss Montenegro was seen on the video looking at Pia for a few seconds, before turning and walking away, shaking her head, which angered netizens who were supporters of Pia.

On their official Facebook page, Miss Universe Montenegro congratulated Pia on her win, and said that:

The girl is beautiful, worthy to bear the title of most beautiful girl and with her behavior and beauty to be an example for all girls around the world.

They also apologized for the “unpleasant comments at the expense of [Miss Philippines’] title”, because of the technical error that happened in the live program, and said that Miss Montenegro’s actions caught on video were “unintentional”.

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Miss Montenegro apologizes Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach

For what it’s worth, the apology is much appreciated!

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