Miss Piggy Channels Adele In HILARIOUS Muppets “Hello” Parody!

Oh, this was BOUND to happen.

The theatrical and fabulous Muppet, Miss Piggy, just channeled her inner Adele in the latest promo for The Muppets — a fitting cover, considering her high-profile breakup with Kermit The Frog, who is also featured as her ex-lover in the video!

Miss Piggy The Muppets Adele Hello music video

Adele’s record-breaking single definitely fits the dramatic flair of the famous Muppet, who shone in the video like the true diva she really is!

It also definitely brings out our Miss Piggy/Kermit feels.

Watch the hilarious video below:

Did you like the video? Do you think Miss Piggy and Kermit should get back together?