Miss Netherlands Dancing To “Single Ladies” During A Break Is All of Us

While there is a preference for the ladies at Miss Universe to be pristine and flawless, who doesn’t love a Miss Universe that’s secretly so relatable?

We’re obsessed with Miss Netherlands Zoey Ivory who couldn’t help but bust a move during a commercial break at one of the pageant rehearsals, while the rest of the candidates stood still in a picture-perfect pose.

The 23-year-old was seen dancing in her spot to Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies”, with spot-on dance steps, no less! Who can really blame her for shakin’ it to Queen Bey?

But while spectators were amused early on, it seems that her co-candidates caught on what was happening onstage towards the end of the song, even giving Zoey space to twirl!

Watch the video below:

After finding out her little stage dance went viral, Miss Netherlands took to Instagram for a pretty kickass message:


Dance like no one is watching, indeed. You go, girl!

Thoughts on this? Did you enjoy her dance?