Minimalist Gold Furniture to Get for an Elegant Home

Wood and natural accents have been quite the big trend when it comes to interior design, but it’s no doubt that gold definitely adds a different kind of elegance to space. That’s why there are lots of minimalist golden home pieces that you can easily get from Lazada!

Here are some gold home pieces and furniture you might want to get for your own elegant space:

Gold Storage Rack

gold shelf

Photo from Lazada

This golden storage rack features beautifully curved edges that add to its overall elegance. The “wire rack” design that allows you to see “through” makes this a must-have minimalist piece of furniture.

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Gold Clothes Rack

gold clothesrack

Photo from Lazada

This golden clothes rack is a great alternative for your wardrobe. The minimalist style of this rack will make your clothes look extra elegant. We especially love the curves of the design! The marble stand at the bottom adds to the overall sophisticated look.

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Gold Wall Shelf

gold wallshelf

Photo from Lazada

This gold wall shelf can be easily installed up on your wall without any fuss. The minimalist design beautifully frames whatever you have on display on these shelves. It definitely gives a sophisticated feel to anything you put on these shelves.

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Gold Rolling Serving Cart

gold rollingcart

Photo from Lazada

This gold rolling serving cart will definitely impress your guests when you bring it out for drinks. You can use this cart for a home bar or a home cafe. You can also choose between a marble tray, clear glass, and a blackboard-type tray. It definitely adds elegance to your drinks and meals!

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Gold Two-Layer Plant Stand

gold plantstand

Photo from Lazada

Got lots of plants in your home? Add elegance to your plant babies with this golden plant stand. With its two layers, it can also be repurposed as a side table or a storage rack. Even on its own, it’s an elegant piece of home decor.

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Gold Accent Chair

gold chair

Photo from Lazada

This accent chair will definitely be one of the star pieces in your home. The minimalist design and curves are beautifully sophisticated. Add a golden table and you’ve got yourself an elegant lounge in your home.

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