Mineski Professional Gaming League South-East Asian Grand Finals: “May the Heavens be Ready”

Mineski Professional Gaming League South-East Asian Grand Finals: “May the Heavens be Ready”


Mineski-Events Team together with GIGABYTE, SteelSeries, and ViewSonic, just announced the details of the annual Mineski Pro Gaming League South-East Asia (or MPGL SEA) Grand Finals this November 29-30 at SM City North EDSA Sky Dome.

The best DOTA 2 teams in the South-East Asian region will compete in the MPGL SEA Grand Finals (teams from Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Myanmar, Indonesia, Vietnam, South Korea, Cambodia, and India) representing their respective countries and divisions for the title and the more than 1,000,000 pesos prize pool.

“The Mineski Pro-Gaming League SEA Grand Finals will let us all show the world that we Filipinos can also produce an international electronic sports event. Historically, the region of Southeast Asia has been lagging behind their American and European counterparts especially in terms of cash prize. But here in Philippines, we make that up with competition, pride, and entertainment and highlight the fact that it is not all about the money” –Ronald Robins, CEO and Founder of Mineski

Tickets for the event vary from P150 for General Admission, P500 for Gold and P1, 200 for VIPs. Tickets as well as the seating are limited. For ticket information, you can all SM Tickets at 470-22-22 or visit any SM Ticket Outlets.

MPGL SEA Grand Finals key facts:

  • Best-of-the-best: Teams competed for 6 months in their respective qualifiers namely: Singapore Qualifiers, Thailand Qualifiers, Philippines Qualifiers, Malaysia Qualifiers, Indonesia Qualifiers, Rest of SEA Qualifiers  and Open Qualifiers order to qualify for the Grand Finals.
  • More than One Million Pesos (~P1, 000,000) on the line: This is the biggest Philippine tournament for DOTA 2 in terms of the prize-pool.
  • Free HD broadcasting: Fans of SEA DOTA 2 scene who can’t make it to the live event can watch the Grand Finals matches live online for free.
  • One of most-watched offline events in the SEA scene: Fans all over the world watched last year’s Grand Finals, and the responses and feedback from the community were really heart-warming. We managed to achieve a record of 35,000 online viewers in one point in time for last year’s Grand Finals.
  • Star-Studded Casting Roster: Casters or Commentators are big parts of the production since they are the ones giving entertainment as well as insights on what’s happening during a match. Last year, two international casters joined the two most famous casters in the country to provide narration to the game.

    Now, Mineski-Events Team formed a casting roster which includes 1 international caster and 5 local casters to add more spice and entertainment to the games.

About Mineski-Events Team

Mineski-Events Team is the events production and organizing arm of Mineski who aims to provide the players the best competitive and consistent eSports tournament scene. In 2009, Mineski-Events Team organized its debut tournament Mineski Summer DotA Tournament which later become the Mineski Professional Gaming League. With over hundreds of teams joining the tournaments, Players and teams form the foundation of the community and it’s for them we continue to improve their MPGL Experience

Mineski Professional Gaming League South-East Asian Grand Finals: “May the Heavens be Ready”