Millie Bobby Brown, other celebs receive iconic Tyra Mail for “America’s Next Top Model” Season 24 finalists reveal!

The show that launched a thousand memes is gearing up for its 24th season and even celebrities are giggling in delight!

In an effort to promote the reveal of the finalists for season 24, America’s Next Top Model‘s own Tyra Banks has created several videos reaching out to celebrities on Twitter, asking them to spread the word.

Each celeb got a personalized invitation from Tyra Banks to tune in and to build visibility for the season premiere.

Some celebs responded with absolute delight and excitement. Millie Bobby Brown was one of them and she gushed about being a fan and the reference to her signature shaved head on her hit show Stranger Things.

ANTM has become a staple on television since its inception. People were tuned in and followed the series religiously. From the emotional eliminations to iconic moments that have been immortalized by netizens in gifs and reaction images, ANTM has found a way to stay.

On its 24th season, we wonder what they have for us next!

Are you looking forward to this season?

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