Mike Unson’s Comedy Mayhem and Laughingstocks! Live at Sev’s Cafe

MU Comedy Mayhem WIM (Medium) 


Mike Unson’s Comedy Mayhem : Live at Sev’s Cafe

What’s the difference between a world-class comedian and Mike Unson? Nothing. Why did the chicken cross the road? To watch Mike Unson open for Rob Schneider in Solaire after opening for Rex Navarette. How many accolades does it take to change a lightbulb? After winning Comedy Wars, Mike lost count.

2nd show: February 20, 2015 (Saturday) @10:30PM

• Mike Unson
• Jai Garcia
• Joseph Montecillo

Hosted by: Abe Barreda

Tickets are at P 150
For ticket/seat reservations, please text/call
09228596144/ 09178860706/02-5339316


Laughingstocks WIM (Medium)


This is also happening tonight at Sev’s Cafe for the Fringe Manila Festival! The Comedy Cartel’s second Laughing Stocks show for the uber-exciting Fringe happens and we’ll be trying something different. Get intimate with the Comedy Cartel tonight at 8 PM only at Sev’s Cafe! Tickets available at the door or at Ticketnet. (Lineup subject to change.) ‪#‎comedycartelPH‬