Mikaela Lagdameo Launches Jewelry Line with Atelier 818

Words by Kyla Villena

Fine jewelry is more than just accessories that we use to elevate our looks. They are carefully crafted art pieces that can encapsulate who we are! This is why, for jeweler and designer couple Miguel and Niña Cuenca, jewelry is meant to be meaningful. Their proudly homegrown brand, Atelier 818, captures this by closely working with their clients and with our country’s highly-skilled artisans.

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[L] Niña Cuenca of Atelier 818 and Mikaela Lagdameo [R] Niña and Miguel Cuenca of Atelier 818

Atelier 818 started as an online brand. They recently unveiled their first retail store, located in SM Aura Premier. Along with this was the launch of Chapters, a 19-signature-piece collection created with Mikaela Lagdameo. She shared, “I’ve been a client of Atelier 818 for many years now. Then, one day, we just had a burst of ideas that led to this capsule collection. Everything was just a flow!”

 “I love working with Atelier 818 because everything is taken into consideration—a client’s personality, lifestyle, etc. It’s a very personalized process. Each piece is uniquely made,” Mikaela added.

The collection was thoughtfully designed to carry special memories from the past, strengthen you at present, and excite you for what the future has in store. You can mix and match them however you desire!

Explore the Chapters collection in three parts.

Chapter 1: Memories converted to tattoo charms

Sometimes, a great number of complex memories can be summarized into a simple symbol. These charms have a personal meaning to Mikaela, but they are also universally relatable and adored. From a palm tree that represents hope and unforgettable adventure to a wine glass for friendship that starts with a great conversation over dinner, there’s a charm for anyone and everyone.

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The charms can elevate any jewelry base that you can imagine!

Chapter 2: Strength in Adage bands

Each of us has personal mantras, words, and dates that give us strength and encouragement. Chapters’ rings, bangles, and cigar bands may be personalized and engraved with these! So every time you take a glance at your jewelry, you will be reminded of beautiful things.

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The pieces may be re-engraved every year, as you please.

Chapter 3: The Ampersand

“Yes, and…” is a phrase that captures the meaning behind the ampersand. It is a symbol that says your story is still unfolding and the best is yet to come. Body jewelry, such as fine belly rings, anklet cuffs, and wristlets, are empowering pieces that can help you feel free, resilient, and ready to know yourself better.


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The pieces of this capsule collection are meant to be interchanged. With their smart connector, they can be worn in different ways, so you can create a different story each time you put them on. With Atelier 818 putting the spotlight on being timeless and effortless, and Mikaela emphasizing grace and personalization, this capsule collection is composed of pieces that will surely be part of your everyday life.

The Chapters collection will be available for six months in-store and online. Prices start at P9,000 and can be combined and worn with Atelier 818 base pieces.