Microsoft Surface Tablet PC Soon To Hit Manila


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The Microsoft Surface Tablet: Thin and Stylish


Move over, Apple. There seems to be a strapping new bronco in town. Amidst the complicated sea of mobile computing devices, the Microsoft Surface tablet emerges as one of the most promising tablets to date.


At a press event in Los Angeles, Microsoft unveiled a new line of tablet devices built to run the next-generation Windows operating system.



Ushering a New Era of Mobile Computing


Surface is a Windows 8 tablet that may just be Microsoft’s wondrous savior. The company designed the tablet to best showcase Windows 8, offer full size I/O ports, and feature heat vents.


As of now, the unveiled Surface tablet features a 10.6-inch touchscreen and a tough magnesium case  that Microsoft likes to call VaporMg (pronounced “Vapor mag”).


It is very interesting to note that the tablet offers two cover options. One has a magnetically-attached, 3mm-thick Touch Cover that folds down to work as a full touchscreen keyboard.

The other cover option is a 5-mm thick Type Cover.

This one has a built-in track pad.


Probably the best feature of the keyboards is that a built-in accelerometer automatically powers down the keyboard when it is folded back against the tablet.


The interesting, new innovation from Microsoft is scheduled to hit the U.S. market later this year with ARM models likely to start at around $400-$600 and x86 models at about $1,000. That may be a hefty price for a mobile computing device, but we will soon see how the gadget delivers.



Final Thoughts


Now the big question is: When will Surface hit the Philippines? The When in Manila team certainly can’t wait to find out!


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