Michael B. Jordan jokingly tells fans to stop asking the Black Panther to say “Wakanda Forever”

LOL! Maybe just Wakanda occasionally?

In a funny acceptance speech at the MTV Awards (where he won for Best Villain against Thanos himself!), Michael B. Jordan started out by thanking the fans. This is a normal gesture, gotta let them know they’re loved, y’know?

But it took a hilarious turn when he jokingly told everyone that Chadwick Boseman, King T’Challa/Black Panther, has “personally asked him” to ask fans to stop asking Chadiwck to say “Wakanda forever” out on the streets. LOL!

It’s funny because there have been those recent photos of Chadwick looking a little less than enthusiastic when doing the salute. But we all know the cast loves it (I think).

Check out his acceptance speech here:

He has my heart and it’s frustrating. :'( What a humble, hilarious man.

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