Metro Manila Youth Convention 2018

Seeing the world with #NoFilter –– putting the youth in the picture

By Yumi Paras


When it comes to the pictures we like to see, it’s all in the details – does this Snapchat filter work? Does it match our Instagram feed? Peppered with likes and love reacts, we’re a generation of documentation. Every step we take, every experience we go through is caught on camera, and thanks to modern technology, it’s caught on camera for the world to see – so we’ve got to make it good.

See, it’s because of these pictures that we CAPTURE, and these moments that we SHARE, that we are able to CONNECT with those around us. Through these pictures, we step into the shoes of others and get a glimpse of the lives they live, or at least, how they want us to see them. The pictures are good, but may not always be truthful. With lives overly filtered and idealized, we’ve become so focused on the details that we forget to see our picture for what it really is.

Metro Manila Youth Convention wants to change just that.

For the first time ever, the Metro Manila Youth Convention brings the youth of Metro Manila together, tearing down borders and building bridges in their place between the next generation. Stylized as MMYC, the event aims to put the youth in the picture – seeing the world and all the social realities that come with it. By looking at the big picture, the MMYC wants to empower the bright-eyed youth of today, pointing them in the direction of becoming the leaders of tomorrow. By FILTERING the picture down to the world we want to see while still holding on to the truth, these leaders are reminded of the power they hold, and how to use it for the better of this country.

With a program lined up with breakout projects and workshops, opportunities at volunteering for various non-governmental organizations, and esteemed speakers (namely, Jake Rivera of Teach for the Philippines, Aya Fernandez of Project Lily PH, Farah Ghodsinia of Children of Mindanao, and Health Hacks PH), the MMYC’s final culminating activity will be the launch of the Metro Manila Youth Association (MMYA), a region-wide support network and community of empowerment for young Filipino leaders. This brand new avenue for discourse and empowerment will continue to encourage these bright young leaders long after the convention is over,  that as they now go about their daily lives, they see the picture for what it truly is, and with their help, what it can be –– BIGGER, and BETTER.

The Metro Manila Youth Convention will be held this coming March 10, 2018 at the UP College of Engineering Theatre. Visit the Metro Manila Youth Convention Facebook page to learn more about the event, and register at https://tinyurl.

com/MMYCRegForm –– putting the youth in the picture starts with YOU.