A Message to Today’s Youth: Be Proud of Your Beauty

It isn’t easy being female. I don’t know what it is, but people seem to be harsher on female beauty than they are on male looks. We get called ‘too fat’, ‘too skinny’, ‘too dark’, ‘too white’, etc. etc. so many times that so many gorgeous women the world over still feel unconfident whenever they head out, no matter how great they might look. This holds especially true for today’s youth.

That is why netizen Coey Decara’s recent message for the youth is so important:

I’m the girl in the picture. Some may think or tell me that: “Ang taba mo pala!” “Wtf are you doing?” “Somebody needs to lay off the chips” “Akala ko ang payat mo, nasa anggulo lang pala” “Uh, di bagay sayo” etc. And my response to all of that is: I don’t care. Wala akong pake. Growing up, I’ve been bullied because of the tiniest things, but mostly because of how much I’ve weighed. And it sickens me to think that I’ve been fed by society telling me how I should be to fit in and it made me unsure of myself and of who I’m supposed to be. Or most likely, who I’m supposed to be FOR. And it took me about 15 years of my life to realize that there’s none because no one owns me. 

Not society. Not my friends or relatives. And certainly not you. Nobody owns me but myself & the Lord above.

Coey Dacara
People, especially the youth, need to realize that they don’t have to follow society’s standards or the illusion of somebody they honestly are not. I am allowed to feel/be confident about what I appear to be. Comfortable in my own skin without letting the comments get to me. Because I am freely allowed to be beautiful. And you are, too. Recognize that we’re all God’s creation, no matter who/what you are, so let’s proudly embrace it.

Writing this at 12am to tell the world or the universe rather (lol ok I had to), I am me. And that’s okay.

This is definitely something I plan on re-reading on days when I feel especially down. Got anything to add to this? 🙂

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