Mermaids in Manila?!!! Watch Splash Dance Aqua Shows When in Manila!

Mermaids in Manila?!!!

mermaid explores the reefs of Anilao, Batangas




 When in Manila, you can become a real life mermaid!

Forget the Disney renditions of red haired, utensil collecting mermaids. We’re talking about the real deal here – real people who are real mermaids. Besides, it really shouldn’t be hard to imagine these ethereal creatures actually existing in the archipelago of the Philippines which is simply overrun with biodiversity. Impossible you say?

Nay! Mermaids do exist, and they’re right in the heart of Manila.

 mermaids getting their fins wet

If you’re lucky, you might catch one swimming with the fishies at the Manila Ocean Park. Or better yet, catch them on TV in the latest mermaid teleserye, “Aryanaon ABS-CBN.


watch these mermaids at the Sulo Hotel in Quezon City




But why simply watch them when you can actually become one?  How? When? and Where? you may ask.

And here is where the magic to becoming a mystical mermaid is officially demystified – all it takes is for you to do what mermaids do when they’re not busy being mermaids: practice!

Believe it or not, it takes training and dedication to become a mermaid. One of the best ways for you to do this is to first, learn how to swim. Then take it to the next level and sign up for synchronized swimming lessons.


synchronized swimming helps develop mermaid skills. photo by Ocs Alvarez

Unlike most other sports, synchronized swimming doesn’t have an age cap as to when you can start. You can be anywhere from 3 – 30 years old to learn synchronized swimming. In fact, there are people well into their 80’s who still compete in the sport! And although synchronized swimming is a female dominated sport, it does not exclude men from learning too.

the Philippine’s first synchronized swimmers were the Cebu Aquabelles, photo circa 1975

Manila has its very own Synchronized Swimming Federation and a National Development Pool that trains athletes for international competitions while developing the grassroots within the nation.


synchronized swimming Philippines won medals in their first international competition in Thailand in 2007

When in Manila, its easy to sign up for lessons with a team or request for private lessons with a synchronized swimming coach.

The basic gear you would need to start synchronized swimming are:

  • a noseclip
  • a swimsuit
  • a swim cap
  • goggles

Plus here some of the added benefits of synchronized swimming:

  • Develops grace and confidence in water
  • Enhances physical fitness and well-being of a person
  • Encourages social interaction (it’s more fun to learn with friends!)
  • Builds stamina and improve breathing techniques

Apart from being real fun, synchronized swimming can also open up doors to other opportunities you may never have imagined such as a fun filled career as an aquatic performer or mermaid. Read about this unsuspecting mermaid’s real life experience which eventually led her to form the Manila based aquatic performance group, Splash Dance Aqua Shows.

a synchronized swimming performance at Resorts World Manila, photo by Mel Catanghal – Gatchalian

When in Manila, its your chance to dive into the world of mystical mermaids!

Splash Dance Aqua Shows
mobile: +63 917 832 8827 

Mermaids in Manila?!!! Watch Splash Dance Aqua Shows When in Manila!


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