Meralco Explains the ‘Bill Shock’ You Might Have Experienced Lately

After customers experienced ‘bill shock’ upon receiving their electricity bill this month, the Manila Electric Company (Meralco) has spoken up about the complaints.

Meralco says that the May bills may seem higher compared to March and April because the March and April bills were based on the average daily consumptions from December 2019 to February 2020 when less electricity may have been consumed because of the cooler weather during those months.

Joe Zaldarriaga, a spokesperson for Meralco, points out that electricity bills might be higher this May due to the fact that everybody is at home during quarantine. Add to that the fact that the heat has been almost unbearable recently, and it is more likely that air-conditioning units are being used more, as well.

“The May bill is a result of the actual kWh Consumption from the current meter reading, with adjustments already reflected from the previous estimated consumption. This total, which is already based on the true and actual readings, is what customers actually see in the May bill. That is why you may notice a rise in the total amount due,” he explains.

Those who are affected by the pandemic have the option to settle their electricity bills via four monthly payments.

How high was your electricity bill this May? Also: read this article for some funny tips on how to effectively lower your electricity bill.

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