Meet the Author of “Gimo Jr. and the Aswang Clan” at This Year’s MIBF

Gimo Jr. and the Aswang Clan

Photo / Andrew Jalbuena Pasaporte

One of the year’s most intriguing books is Andrew Jalbuena Pasaporte’s Gimo Jr. and the Aswang Clan.

It follows Danny, a regular kid who goes to school, loves his parents, and lives in the quiet and unassuming suburbs of Pinetown. He has a best friend named Eddie and has a crush on their school’s resident mean girl, Mary.

On his thirteenth birthday, things suddenly change, taking Danny completely by surprise and unraveling the sinister secrets their seemingly small and harmless suburban town keeps. To his chagrin and amazement, Danny has received a gift that offers him two equally challenging possibilities: to find out the evil mystery looming over Pinetown and its residents, or to become the instrument of evil that would plunge the town into chaos.

Anyone who has read the Janus Silang series, Goosebumps, and Harry Potter might recognize some themes and supernatural elements in Gimo Jr. and the Aswang Clan, but this middle-grade novel is different. Pasaporte does a great job of deviating from the usual “strange and eerie barrio vibes” while still being Pinoy.

Pasaporte will be signing copies of the book at the Manila International Book Fair on September 17, 2023. Join the author at the 8Letters booth (Booth 266) for an exclusive book signing event from 11:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. It’s the perfect opportunity for families, children, and literary enthusiasts to meet the author and delve into the captivating world of Gimo Jr. and the Aswang Clan.

Please visit the event page for more information about Gimo Jr. and the Aswang Clan, Andrew Jalbuena Pasaporte, and the Manila International Book Fair.

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