Meet Prince: This 10-Year-Old Sells Fresh Kesong Puti in Makati

We love sharing stories about inspiring people, especially if it involves being able to help someone in some way. Today, we’d like to share the story of Prince, whom Analee Rodriguez came across two weeks ago.

Analee wrote about Prince on her Facebook page and shared that this 10-year-old stands beside Amber in Filmore Street, Makati selling fresh kesong puti at Php120 per pack.

According to Analee, Prince takes a bus ride at 4am everyday to get to his spot at 6am and then heads to school from 6 am to 12noon then starts his business from 12noon onwards until he sells the last pack.

“During good days, he closes shop at 9pm and gets home by 11pm,” she shares. “On lean days, he stays up selling until the next school day.” As tiring as it sounds, it’s hard not to be inspired by Prince’s dedication to his studies and to his business. However, at that young age, he really should be spending more time with his family and resting and having fun.

Analee is calling out to everyone to please support Prince’s business if you get the chance, so he can spend more time at home because he also misses spending time with his siblings. We’ll definitely be making more detours to find Prince whenever we’re in Makati. We hope you will, too!

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