MEElectronics A151 in-ear earphone: budget friendly Balanced Armature clarity

When In Manila and seeking for accurate and clear earphones with a more advanced technology, one will often seek for earphones with balanced armature drivers for their accurate sound reproduction. Downside of this though is the higher price tag compared to dynamic driver earphones. Thankfully, MEElectronics offers a single balanced armature driver in-ear earphone with a budget friendly price tag, delivering accurate and clear sound quality while keeping your budget intact. Introducing the MEElectronics A151 balanced armature in-ear earphone.

Packaging/Build: the packaging is nothing out of the ordinary. It’s a simple plastic box a little similar to the FiiO E6‘s packaging. Great thing here is the clam-shell case for the MEElectronics A151.

Moving to the build quality of the MEElectronics A151, I like how the cables are twisted and feels very durable. The cable coating feels secure enough to not have the cables easily cut and are very flexible even with the twisted design. This is a big plus since the MEElectronics A151 are meant to be worn over-the-ear. Having stiff cables would be such a hassle. Moving to the build of the housing of the drivers, they are made of plastic but are firm to hold and have no signs of poor build quality. They are somewhat light and yet, feels durable enought to withstand a beating.

Sound Quality: often times, balanced armature earphones tend to lack at the bass department due to the fact that a single balanced armature driver only can focus and cover a limited frequency range compared to a dynamic driver. Thus, multiple balanced armature earphones are often seeked by those going up the audiophile ladder for better and better sound quality. Just like my preferred balanced armature earphone, the Sony XBA-3 which has triple balanced armature drivers per ear. 1 for the treble, 1 for the mid-range and another one for bass. Having expected the MEElectronics A151 to lack bass due to its single balanced armature per ear design, I was quite wrong. They had enough bass, not dominant or much in quantity, but it was enough and not lacking. The MEElectronics A151 is fairly neutral and the mids are clear and detailed without any sign of veil in any of the ranges. Well expected from a balanced armature set-up. The sound is balanced and well controlled. Definitely typical of a single balanced armature earphone, except for the lacking bass. The MEElectronics A151 had enough bass, but surely not enough for bassheads. I noticed also how the MEElectronics A151 is very sensitive to equalization. Boosting up the highs a little for me did the job well and placed the sound right at how I wanted it. The MEElectronics A151 slightly has rolled-off highs, so a little boost to the highs if you feel it a little lacking will do the trick. Overall, with the budget friendly price for the advanced balanced armature technology, and to how they are clear and well balanced with a detailed sound is a win for those seeking for a balanced armature set-up without breaking the bank. A balanced armature earphone at $75? Darn good price!

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MEElectronics A151 in-ear earphone: budget friendly Balanced Armature clarity


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