The Meaning Behind SB19’s ‘ALAB’ Music Video

In the previous article, we shared everything that happened during SB19’s ALAB press conference including their plans for this year. Everyone at the press conference was given the chance to ask a few questions. So, of course, I took the chance to ask what everyone was discussing on Twitter after the release of their ‘Alab’ (Burning) music video, the group’s third single. What were the meanings behind the colors and the roles of each member?


Josh (Red, ropes)


Dominance. Josh shares that the color red represents his dominant personality as seen in their vlogs. Josh loves being behind the wheel and dislikes being controlled. He explains that love has the ability to control a person and the red ropes in the music video symbolize how love binds and restrains him. Being in love controls him, which bothers him.

Ken (Black, box)


Comfort Zone. Ken shares that the box in the set represents his comfort zone. If you follow their vlogs, Ken is not a very vocal person. Because of this, he doesn’t like feeling vulnerable or appearing weak. However, Ken realizes that he needs to get out of his comfort zone by wrecking the box so he can fully express how he feels for the person he loves.

Justin (Green, picture frames)


Since Justin is a Multimedia Arts graduate, the producers wanted to portray something related to art. The frames represent different kinds of personalities and his confusion regarding his feelings for the person he likes. In the end, he realizes that he needs to be true to himself and to his feelings, which is why the frames disappeared.

Stell (Yellow, signs)


The color yellow best represents Stell’s personality as he is the “ray of sunshine” in the group. He expresses what he feels and is a very vocal person. In the music video, Stell is running in a maze with various signs pointing him in different directions. Stell is not looking for love in the music video, but for the right answer on how to make love last.

Sejun (Purple)


Sejun chose the color purple because purple flames are the hottest kind of flames. Sejun adds that what he presented in the music video only represents a bit of his personality. What he was doing is actually far from his real personality as the cutesy Sejun we saw actually made him cringe throughout the entire video. Sejun explains that it is up to the viewer’s judgment to interpret the story of their music video – be it romantic love, passion, or love for one’s family.

SB19 Alab Press Con 4

Facts You Might Not Know about SB19


“Hatdog ako.” (I think we already know that, Sejun?)


He has a weird addiction with cleaning right now. “Sobrang na aadik ako mag linis. Minsan kahit sa studio po, pag nakikita ko yung staff pag breaktime. Gusto ko magtupi [ng t-shirt merch]. Sasabihin ko, ‘Akin na po yung damit, tutupiin ko po’.” [“I’m addicted to cleaning. Sometimes, when we’re in the studio and I see the staff during our break, I want to fold clothes. I’ll ask them to give me the clothes, so I can fold them.”]


When he gets depressed or is going through something, he eats chocolates and then sleeps it off. If he wakes up and still doesn’t feel okay, he’ll play games.


He’s secretly a clean freak. “Ako yung klase na tao na makalat sa labas pero sa sariling kwarto ko po, sobrang linis ng kwarto ko. Umaabot sa point na yung lola ko po mag papa-alam bago pumasok sa kwarto ko.” [“I’m the type of person who’s messy when he’s out, but has an incredibly clean room. It has gotten to the point where my grandma asks me if she can come into my room before going in.”]


He’s addicted to going to the gym lately. “This 2020, gusto ko naman ng bagong image. Siguro makikita din natin yan in time, pero ayun po, yung po yung bago sa akin. Minsan po kasama ko si Ken, nag gy-gym po kami sabay.” [“This 2020, I want a new image. We’ll probably see that in time, but that’s it. That’s what’s new with me. Sometimes, Ken and I go to the gym together.”]

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SB19 Alab Press Con 3

1-on-1 interview with SB19

Even though our time was limited, we managed to squeeze in this question: “If each of you were given a chance to produce and direct a music video, what kind of video will you be doing? What would its concept be?”

Watch their answers below.



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