Mayor Vico Sotto Aims To Clean Up Pasig Politics, Starts By Firing ‘Abusive’ City Official

Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto has been on a mission to improve and reform the city government since assuming office last July 1. From removing ineffective policies to promising organization within the bureaucracy, Sotto has made his intent quite clear.

His recent move of dismissing a city government official for “questionable practices and abusive behavior” is even more evidence of this.

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A post on Sotto’s official Facebook page shows a couple of photos of the dismissed official’s office. He explains, “This is the room of one Office Head after I fired him. He was removed because of some questionable practices and abusive behavior.” There are references to said official having possibly claimed the room’s furniture and supplies — an act which expressly goes against the law.

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Sotto follows up that sentiment with a comment on the post. He writes: “Isa sa mga naging problema natin sa transition na ito ay hindi maayos ang imbentaryo ng gamit. ‘Di malinaw saan dinala ang milyon-milyong (o bilyong) kagamitan. ‘Ni walang sticker at number karamihan ng mga kagamitan sa mga opisina kaya ang hirap i-trace pag nawala.”

[One of our problems during this transition is that the inventory of properties is disorganized. It’s unclear where millions (or billions) worth of properties went. There’s not even a sticker or numbers on most of the items in the offices, which is why it’s so difficult to trace them when they go missing.]

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Another program which falls under these same efforts to clean up the city would be the relaunching of the city’s complaints desk and hotline. This complaints hotline seeks to encourage reports of any irregularities or abuses from the local government units (LGUs). In line with this, Sotto states, “some of the most successful transitions in LGUs have come with minimal changes in personnel. But we will deal with the abusive as they deserve, and with the full force of the law.”

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