#MayForever: Manila Has Its Own Love Locks

 MayForever Manila Has Its Own Love Locks

Photo by EJ Luzon

Just last month, the notorious Pont des Arts love locks in Paris were taken down because the railing where the locks were attached to was becoming too heavy. The move got mixed reactions, with some thinking it was the end of a romantic milestone (and proving the hashtag #WalangForever) and others thinking it was a great idea because of the potential for danger. Because of this, lovestruck couples needed to find other ways to express their feelings.

MayForever Manila Has Its Own Love Locks 3

Photo by Manila Bulletin

Filipinos don’t need to fly to other cities that still permit this because Manila has its own version of the love locks at the Baclaran Church in Paranaque. Like the Pont des Arts bridge, couples need to inscribe the lock with their initials, secure it to the railing, and throw the key away to symbolize eternal love. The love locks in Baclaran can be found near the second gate of the church, across a wishing well where the keys are thrown.

The love locks in Baclaran have existed as early as September 2014.

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