Mayad Studios: Millennials Whose Videos Successfully Tug at People’s Heartstrings

When in Manila, you know a beautiful film when you see one. Nowadays, weddings in the Philippines have amped their game and have become more glamorous.  The documentation of one of the biggest milestones of your lives is no longer confined to pressing the record button,  but is now open to more creative and artistic approaches. Wedding videography nowadays makes you feel like you’re in a movie and putting your event in the right hands makes you an awesome star of it.

In every industry, there are game changers. In the videography world of weddings, Mayad stands out. Watch this first to get a glimpse of why that is:

Sometimes you venture into something with just your dreams and raw abilities. What’s incredible about the makers of Mayad is that the owners and people in it are young. Yes, millennials are running this show. Ten years ago, Mayad started as a business concept between three friends. It was something uncommon at the time and the risks were enormous. Slowly, though, the business grew until it branched out to fully tackle the wedding industry. It wanted to share its vision of preserving important moments.

From its small offices in Iloilo, Mayad transferred offices to Manila to serve its growing clientele. The services expanded from being a web development company, shifting its focus and energy to producing wedding videos, photography for weddings and families and their own videography school.


Fueled with passion, the company made significant advances in the industry. Overcoming the challenges, each video is a testament to their authenticity. They innovate and tug the emotions of those who see the output.

A Decade Of Mayad from Mayad on Vimeo.

This is even more apparent when they celebrated their anniversary with a grand party last June 30 at Green Sun where they showcased their appreciation and feature works on a 360-degree video wall. Attendees included some of their satisfied clients but more importantly by their partners in the industry. Partners who’ve seen its growth can attest to the commitment that Mayad brings to every event.




Ending this article with something from the video that resounds to me the most … “The thing about time is that it comes & goes, it can fly… no amount of money can buy not bring it back.  The things you do today may be gone tomorrow, the can all fade in a blink of an eye.  But not all can be lost in time, some can be captured & treasured in a lifetime and this is why it is our nature to amplify the beauty of what we see.”

Mayad Studios


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