Maureen Wroblewitz Gets Candid About Her Acne Problems

Apparently, even top models experience breakouts too. 🥹

Maureen Wroblewitz Gets Candid About Her Acne Problems

Photos: Maureen Wroblewitz on Instagram

Maureen Wroblewitz recently took to social media to share something personal – her struggle with acne. In a candid post, the Asia’s Next Top Model winner shared what her skin looks like without makeup, revealing multiple acne marks that appeared when she stopped using birth control pills.

She also wrote the challenges she faced with her acne-prone skin and the emotional toll it took on her self-esteem in the caption. “l used to have the clearest skin,” she began. “Even as a teenager, I’d get a pimple here and there, but my skin was mostly clear.”

However, Maureen Wroblewitz decided to go on birth control as a teenager, which led to a series of side effects including changes in her mood. She continued, “I went on birth control for my irregular periods at 18 (I’d get heavy periods twice a month that would last 8 days). I had so many side effects and kept changing brands to look for one that worked for me. They especially affected my mood.”

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Due to these, she decided to stop taking them at age 22 but noticed a significant increase in breakouts, particularly when she moved to Los Angeles. “A few months later, I started getting more and more breakouts, but they were pretty manageable until I moved to LA,” Maureen Wroblewitz noted. According to her, factors like climate, diet, and stress contributed to the development of her cystic acne.

“I felt so self-conscious about it,” she then expressed. “I didn’t want to leave the house without makeup. And even while wearing makeup, I would hide my face with my hair, which of course made it worse.”

“I have since spent so much money on skincare and nothing worked,” she admitted, “until I started researching the products I used for pore-clogging ingredients.”

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In her pursuit of a solution, Maureen Wroblewitz is now experimenting with products tailored to her skin. She thought, “I’m finally finding products that work for my acne-prone skin but I’m still not completely there yet. I get facials every month for maintenance too.”

After giving credit to her newfound holy grail, she left an inspiring message to those who are struggling with breakouts as well. “I just want to say that acne doesn’t define you! You’re beautiful no matter what,” Maureen Wroblewitz said.

“I hope this reaches those especially who need to hear this,” she concluded.


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