Massive Asteroid is Projected to Come Close to the Earth Soon

Russian scientists have projected that the massive 340m asteroid Apophis is still heading towards the Earth. Fortunately, it is still expected not to hit. However, it is projected to be very close to Earth in April 2029, the closest asteroid encounter of our planet with a rock this big.

Asteroid Apophis

ESA – P.Carril

NASA had mentioned that Apophis was “one of the most hazardous asteroids that could impact Earth” when it was discovered back in 2004. There was also talk that it might hit Earth in 2068. However, recent projections state it will not hit but that Apophis will come as close as 38,000km to the Earth in 2029.

Hong Kong scientists say that despite being that close to Earth, the asteroid will most probably not hit any satellites or space stations, either, but things will become clearer as we get closer to 2029.

NASA had removed Apophis from its risk list back in March, but Russian ministry researchers shared that if it did hit the Earth, it would have 30 times the force of the largest nuclear bomb ever detonated.

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